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OSPF Route Redistribution Review

OSPF route redistribution is an important topic on the BSCI exam, and its a topic full of details and defaults that you need to know for the exam room and the job.

OSPF Hub-And-Spoke Details You Must Know!

CCNA exam success depends greatly on knowing the details, and if theres one protocol that has a lot of details, its OSPF!

Route Summarization And The OSPF Null Interface

CCNP exam success, particularly on the BSCI exam, demands you understand the details of route summarization.

OSPF Router Types
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When youre preparing to pass the BSCI exam on the way to the coveted Cisco CCNP certification, you can be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of BGP and OSPF knowledge you must demonstrate a mastery of.

Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial: Route Summarization For RIP, EIGRP, And OSPF

Preparing to pass the CCNA exam and earn this important Cisco certification?

Cisco CCNP / BSCI Tutorial: Comparing OSPF and ISIS Hellos

While studying to pass the BSCI exam and preparing to earn your CCNP certification, youll quickly notice that while OSPF and ISIS are both link-state protocols, there are a lot of differences between the two.

OSPF E1 E2 Routes

OSPF is a major topic on both the CCNA and CCNP exams, and it’s also the topic that requires the most attention to detail.