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Brazil Gets Google To Fight Child Porn
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According to Sergio Suiama, a Sao Paulo federal prosecutor, around 50,000 pedophilia-related complaints have been connected to Orkut.  By way of response, Google plans to implement a filtering system and retain information for a longer period, but still won’t share problem profiles with authorities.

Google Preparing To Put Applications On Orkut
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As with pretty much every tweak made to the social network, we’re not sure this will get much attention in the U.S.  People in other countries may be interested, however, as starting this month, social applications will become available to Orkut users.

Orkut Has A Worm

Google’s recent addition of an Orkut feature for writing messages containing HTML code allowed someone to send a pesky worm through the network.

Google’s OpenSocial To Launch Tomorrow

Google is set to launch OpenSocial tomorrow a system that will allow developers to build applications for a number of social networks.

Orkut Promotes Insignificant Photo Capabilities

A lot of signs indicate that Google is preparing Orkut for something big; it may well want the service to compete with the likes of MySpace and Facebook.  But the latest update – allowing users to keep 100 photos in their “orkut albums” – isn’t impressing too many people.

YouTube Intends To Invade India
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The timing’s a little vague, but according to one of the company’s executives, an official YouTube.in site will go live within the next six months.

MySpace Platform To Launch At Web 2.0?

If you dislike Facebook’s many apps, now would be a good time to unplug your computer; reports indicate that MySpace may soon launch a platform encouraging developers to give it some attention, too.

Orkut Intentionally Shrinks Its Numbers

Many companies like to inflate the number of users they claim to have.  Not Google.  Although Orkut used to accidentally overstate communities’ membership counts, the social network is now working to correct the problem.

Google’s Focus On Orkut Points To US Push

In some markets – such as search – Google looks more like a bulletproof King Kong than a 900-pound gorilla.  In others – such as social networking – Google is vastly less powerful.  There are signs that Google wants to whip Orkut into shape and fix this, however.

Google Drops Ads From Orkut

Advertising on social networks can be tricky. Google has found this out and has decided to remove all AdSense ads from it social network Orkut.

Google Webmaster Central Adds Subscriber Stats

Late last Friday, Google’s Webmaster Central Blog reported some additional features which included the ability for publishers to see the number of subscribers to their content.

Orkut Adds “Updates From Your Friends” Box

Roughly ten days ago, Robert Scoble suggested that Facebook would, in a few years’ time, defeat Google.  Pretty much everyone within hearing range responded with something along the lines of “fat chance,” and I agree with ‘em.  Still, Orkut is just now introducing a feature that Facebook had about a year ago.

Orkut Impresses comScore?

Prior to Friday – and Thursday – I can’t remember the last time I wrote about Orkut.  Google’s social networking site just isn’t in the news that often.  But as the existence of those two recent articles probably caused you to realize, Orkut’s been making headlines lately, and new data from comScore suggests that it’s a much bigger contender than most people thought.

Google.br Might Face Shut Down

In a surprising update on Google protecting user information, in Brazil the search giant apparently has refused to divulge details of pedophiliac Orkut users to authorities.

An Associated Press article informs that Brazilian prosecutors say Google has not provided Orkut user information regarding crimes.

Aging Orkut Receives Facelift

Orkut was getting pretty elderly – Google’s social network suffered from a design that was several years old (and not even impressive when it first debuted).  The company’s promised to address the issue with a new update, however.

Orkut Called “Youth Icon”

I’ve found that, in the U.S., I’m likely to hear “or-what?” after uttering the word “Orkut.”  Google’s social network is quite popular overseas, however, and this status was recently confirmed when Orkut was chosen as the Youth Icon of 2007 in a contest sponsored by MTV India and Pepsi.

Google Celebrates India’s 60th

Time zones aside, India achieved its independence exactly 60 years ago, and the country is now in the midst of numerous celebrations.  So is Google, for that matter; Orkut, YouTube, and various branches of the central company have all given their congratulations to India.

Hi5 Helped By $20 Million In Funding

In the past week, there have been eight WebProNews stories with the word “Facebook” in the title and five involving “MySpace.”  “Hi5” has, as far as I can tell, never been the subject of an article.  But in what’s definitely a noteworthy event, that social network just got $20 million.

iShare Could Challenge Orkut, YouTube

Google’s Orkut is extremely popular in some countries, while YouTube has been successful just about everywhere.  And now iShare, a service from Rediff, intends to compete with both services, which begs the question of whether both – or neither – of them should be concerned in any market.

Google, Yahoo Quietly Develop Social Networks
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So Google’s Orkut hasn’t taken off where it counts and the company missed its chance to buy MySpace for the half the price News Corp. paid for it. And Yahoo couldn’t get Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg out of bed long enough to negotiate a successful buyout. Must be why both of them are working on new social networks on their own, on the sly.

Orkut Causes Outrage In India
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When you hear about vigilantes, your next thought isn’t likely to involve Orkut, Google’s semi-popular social network.  Nonetheless, the contents of that site have spurred some Indian students to attack cybercafés.