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Chicken Nuggets Are Only 50 Per Cent Meat

  What do you consider meat on a chicken? It usually comes from the thighs, wings or  breasts, right? Do you consider fat, blood vessels, nerves and cartilage to be meat? On September 12th, researchers at the University of Mississippi published in the American  Journal of Medicine, a study titled “The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads ‘Chicken Little”. In that report, three …

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Organic Foods Are No Better For Your Health

Growing up as a sloven computer nerd, I cared not for my health. It turns out that my health is actually pretty important. That’s why I make a conscious effort to eat healthier. This means that I spend more on food buying organic fruits and vegetables. If a recent study is to be believed, I was just wasting money. Researchers …

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NEC Develops Super Thin Battery For IC Cards

NEC recently announced the development of an ultra thin 0.3 mm organic radical battery (ORB) that is compatible with standard Integrated circuit (IC) cards (found on some credit cards, public transportation passes, and hotel keys). Until now ORBs of 0.7mm thickness were standard, but this thickness is difficult to integrate into a plastic card that is only 0.76mm. This new …

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