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Homeless Sign Contest: Two Texas Cops Suspended

Two Midland, Texas police officers were suspended for three days after the police department learned of a panhandling game. According to the Associated Press, Derek Hester, 25, and 26-year-old Daniel Zoelzer, were suspended without pay for competing in a game to see who could steal the most cardboard signs from the homeless. The news agency also reported how: …eight signs …

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Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope

Baggy pants are tacky, but making the questionable fashion statement illegal seems to be taking it a bit too far. One town in Louisiana apparently doesn’t see the problem as it has made baggy pants illegal. The town of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana recently voted 8-1 in favor of outlawing baggy pants. The ordinance says that “appearing in public view while …

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LA County Bans Football And Frisbee Imposes $1000 Fine

If you visit any beaches in Los Angeles County this summer you better look out. The board of supervisors agreed this week to raise fines for anyone who throws a football or volleyball on their beaches. Beach balls and volleyballs are still allowed but a $1000 fine could be imposed on anyone who violates the new ordinance. The ordinance states, …

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