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Homeless Sign Contest: Two Texas Cops Suspended

Two Midland, Texas police officers were suspended for three days after the police department learned of a panhandling game. According to the Associated Press, Derek Hester, 25, and 26-year-old Daniel Zoelzer, were suspended without pay for competing in a game …

Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope
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Baggy pants are tacky, but making the questionable fashion statement illegal seems to be taking it a bit too far. One town in Louisiana apparently doesn’t see the problem as it has made baggy pants illegal. The town of Terrebonne …

LA County Bans Football And Frisbee Imposes $1000 Fine
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If you visit any beaches in Los Angeles County this summer you better look out. The board of supervisors agreed this week to raise fines for anyone who throws a football or volleyball on their beaches. Beach balls and volleyballs …