Apple Freed From Option Backdating Lawsuit

Apple Freed From Option Backdating Lawsuit

By WebProNews Staff November 15, 2007

Apple received an early holiday present as its request for dismissal of a suit against CEO Steve Jobs and other company executives earned a California judge’s approval.

Yahoo Considers Options For Kelkoo

Yahoo said yesterday that it is weighing "strategic options" for its online shopping comparison site Kelkoo that is based in Paris.

Affiliate Summit: Contextual Advertising Options

Pick something – a Web browser, toothpaste, whatever – that you’ve set against comparable products.  Maybe you gave those alternatives a fair chance, and came back to Product #1 in the end, anyway.  As Joel Comm weighed various contextual advertising options at Affiliate Summit 2007 East, it seemed like that same sort of circular journey was taking place, but you won’t hear me complain; it’s always nice to have extra choices.

Google Maps Gets Drag-and-Drop Options

There have been a number of times that I’ve doubted a mapping service’s wisdom – perhaps I think it’s better to use Leader, instead of Virginia, Avenue.  Another scenario involves me finding my final destination, but then deciding to park a block or two away.  A new drag-and-drop feature in Google Maps has the flexibility to handle both these situations.

Will Googlers Cash Out and Get Out?
This August, it will be three years since Google’s initial public offering (and since I started this blog as a way to track the company). When that happens, according to NBC News, nearly 3 billion dollars in pre-IPO options will vest, with over 450 early Googlers earning an average of $6.5 million.

Small Businesses Don’t Get PPC Matching Options

Now that I am back in the office after a short hiatus due to my new baby, things are picking up again. I have looked at 6 small business PPC accounts in the last two days for potential clients. Not one of them had anything but broad match in use. Almost no negative keywords existed in any of the ad groups or campaigns. Also every single one of them had content targeting turned on which was performing terribly and sucking up some major budget.

More AdWords Testing
So, Google has been testing a yellow background for top spots in Adwords and search product options just above paid adverts of late. This evening I noticed an interesting mix of the two, as captured below.

Site Revenue Generation Options
Today I got to thinking a lot more seriously about revenue generation options for monetising websites.

Although I’ve pretty much doubled my Adsense earnings over the past month, it’s still not a huge amount.

And today it really hit me how meagre the revenues are relative to other earning options.

SEC Charges Hackers With Pumping Google

Three Indian nationals have been charged as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation into pump and dump stock schemes the boosted prices for fourteen stocks, including Google and Sun Microsystems.

Google Premieres Its Premier Apps

They have claimed they aren’t in competition with Microsoft for the productivity application market, but Google sure has a funny way of showing it by launching its paid Premier Apps version today.

The Week in SEO

I come across a lot of good articles each week that I never get to mention, so I thought I’d join some of the other bloggers in the seo community and offer a few links. I’ve hesitated to do this in the past, because I imagine you’ll already have seen some of these, but I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes.

Yahoo’s Local Ad Options At New Panama

The second part of Yahoo Local Advertising Options, Post-Panama at ClickZ has some fine tips on local search marketing. Patricia Hursh, the author of this writeup explains intricately which ad product is best for your online marketing needs.

PayPal, eBay Crushing Google’s Options
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In terms of traffic growth and market share, it’s just no contest. So many more people hit eBay’s options that Google’s Checkout and Base may as well be invisible.

When Microsoft is beating Google at something, it can’t be a good thing. As Hitwise analyst LeeAnn Prescott noted in her look at how Google Base and Checkout have fared since last summer against eBay and PayPal, Windows Live Expo has a larger market share than Google Base.

Setting up Apache Server Mappings for HomeSite
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This information was gleaned from a number of websites and my own trials in getting this to work, but I thought it would be useful to have it in one place for other HomeSite users who may not be overly familiar with server configuration.

BBC Weighs Its Social Networking Options

When I think of the BBC, I think of great television . . . of shows like “Monty Python,” “As Time Goes By,” and “Top Gear.” Then there’s MySpace, the social networking site that is most commonly associated with giggling teenage girls. Well, the BBC has announced plans to pursue social networking, but adults need not worry that the corporation is chasing after “that crowd.”

Improving eCommerce Product Findability

On both ecommerce and shopping comparison sites, users can find products in two different ways: searching and browsing.

Options, Bugs, Phones – Time For Macworld

The Macworld Conference & Expo starts next week in San Francisco, but the parade of Mac fandom led off by Steve Jobs’ keynote will have negative news about stock option shenanigans, earnings restatements, and a daily diet of Apple bugs offsetting the positive Mac vibe.