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Online Retailers Need Better Optimization

Eighty-one percent of Internet Retailer Magazine’s top 100 retailer’s Web sites are fully taking advantage of search engine optimization and marketing according to a new study by online marketer Oneupweb.

Landing Page Optimization Factors
I have been spending a great deal of time lately working with clients on landing page optimization. Here are a few factors to always consider when working on designing and improving your landing pages…

(1) Keep Focused on Your Primary Objective

Optimizing Your Optimization: A Holistic Approach
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In the past week, there has been an influx of online marketing tips and how-to’s on industry blogs covering everything from how to optimize eBay stores and contextual ad campaigns to social media marketing for business-to-business. We thought these were some excellent sources for creating a more universal online marketing campaign.

Measurement & Optimization of SEM
I decided to post a few days late – just to make sure people saw last Tuesday’s X Change Announcement. If you missed the post on our Web Analytics Conference, check it out. This will be a unique, special event.

80% of New Customers Believe They Found You

According to MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007-08, 80% of decision makers who made a technology purchase believe that they found the vendor – as opposed to the vendor targeting them.

Digital Asset Optimization – SEO 2.0
At the past two conferences I’ve spoken at, Search Insider Summit and Media Relations Summit, one of the popular topics that has been floating around the after session meet-ups and dinner conversations concerns the changing nature of search optimization. Some speculate SEO is on the way out. Others say social media is the new SEO.

Leveraging Social Media & SEO for PR
Coming up very quickly next week is the Media Relations Summit in Washington D.C. and I’ll be bringing one of our account managers, Mike Yanke, who works with many of our public relations clients to learn from some of the best and brightest in the PR and media relations industry.

Peopleized: Social Optimization for Real People

Peopleized is a new web 2.0 portal devoted to the social aspect of the Internet.

Feed Optimization Tip: Don’t Forget FeedFlare

FeedBurner is the only service (that I know of) that will re-publish a blogs feed in order to get feed stats. Being such a great service, many users use it only to figure out how many readers their blogs have.

Search Engine Diversity – More Website Exposure

"Google ranking this and Google ranking that"… it’s all everyone talks about. But a recent report by Infospace highlights the need for online businesses to focus their search engine optimization efforts across more than just Google.

The Paid Link Reporting Debate
What’s good for the Goose isn’t Good for Google?

Search Insider Summit – Video Search Optimization
The first of the breakout sessions was a choice between click fraud and this session on video search optimization.

Microsoft May Acquire 24/7 Real Media
Having missed out on the chance to buy DoubleClick, and then watched Yahoo pick up the Right Media, Microsoft is feeling a little left out of the party.

Link Building Tips
Oh we love the links and then some here at TopRank. Old school online marketer Larry Chase published a few more link building tips and resources in his most recent Web Digest for Marketers newsletter. I’ve added a few of my own comments:

More on Mobile Search Site Creation & Optimization

Part 2: Mobile Site Optimization

The question remains; how should you optimize a mobile web page? All of the presenters provided tips, but Cindy Krum’s presentation provided the majority of information. I listed a blend of the tips from all presenters below:

The Mobile Web – A Turbulent River
Both Vint Cerf and Bill Gates have described the Internet as a tidal wave, however as mentioned in a previous post it may give a clearer picture if we think of the Internet or the World Wide Web as a river.

SES – Finding Social Search

I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at the Search Engine Strategies show in NY all about Social Media Optimization.  It was interesting to see how the idea has progressed and search pros are implementing tactics and techniques for social media marketing. 

SES – Mobile Search Site Creation and Optimization

The following is coverage of the Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York presentation called “Mobile Search Optimization” by Cindy Krum of Blue Moon Works, Gregory Markel, President of Infuse Creative LLC and Rachel Pasqua, Director of Mobile Marketing at iCrossing.

SES: Podcast Optimization Tips

Yesterday I attended the Podcast Optimization session at SES in NY. Chris Sherman was moderating and speakers were Amanda Watlington, Daron Babin, and Rick Klau, all of which provided very engaging presentations. It was a great and informative seession, and here are some highlights from it:


SES: Pumping Up Video Search Optimization

Making video more visible means working on its appeal to video search engines. A morning panel at SES New York discussed Video Search Optimization.

The Media And Being Social About It

The social media has emerged with a boom during the past few years. The social media sites enables a website or a blog with good content to generate traffic as well as create awareness.

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