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Default Porn-Blocking Is Your Hilarious White House Petition of the Day

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at We The People, the U.S. Government’s online petition site that’s, well, whatever is worse than an exercise in futility. Think of something that could be described as that, and then think of something worse. Then add a shiny layer of platitudes. Ok, now you’re close. The site wasn’t up during the government …

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Google’s Privacy Change: Much Ado About Nothing?

Are you tired of paying for Google’s services, even after they announce a major overhaul of their privacy policy? Oh, wait. You don’t actually pay anything to use Google. So much for that. Perhaps opting out is too difficult a task, and so, complaining about the new and unknown is the way to go. It should be noted that, even …

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Yes, Virginia, Google’s New Privacy Policy Lets You Opt Out Of Sharing Your Data

We asked, now we answer: Google’s new Privacy Policy will not force you into accepting any vampiric habits of Google to vulture information from you for the purpose of advertisements. If you don’t want them to. Since Google announced the changes to their Privacy Policy, which will go into effect this coming March, people all over the Internets have been …

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