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Don’t Like Anonymous? Their New Campaign Against Internet Pedophiles Might Change Your Mind

What do you think of when you hear the word Anonymous? Do you see an Internet vigilante group fighting against the largest governments and corporations of the world or just a couple of “script kiddies” taking down Web sites for the “lulz?” Either way, you probably have strong opinions on the matter. That may be why Anonymous launched #OpPedoChat. For …

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#OpPedoChat Continues Anonymous’ War Against Online Pedophiles

One could argue that the general public doesn’t agree with the majority of Anonymous’ tactics or actions. While the group calls its DDoS attacks a digital form of civil disobedience, others call it straight up cyber terrorism. There comes a time, however, when their operations can appeal to the masses. Their latest operation – #OpPedoChat – is probably one of …

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