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Mobile Search: Coming to a Screen near You

The New Year has ushered in a number of high-profile partnerships in the mobile search space, confirming our prediction last summer that as go the major search engines, so goes mobile search.

Yahoo, Google Going Mobile

Both Internet players have new products ready to roll for mobile devices, with Google making another mobile-centric deal while Yahoo debuts its Go service.

Opera, Google Extend Search Placement

Google is the default search option in the Opera web browser for PCs, and the two firms have extended their agreement to place Google on Opera browsers made for smaller devices.

Opera Rumors Hit A Sour Note

First a story about Google picking up the Oslo-based browser software company surfaced, then one placing Microsoft in the acquirer role; one humorous article that followed said Opera was buying itself!

Microsoft Buying Opera Rumor Swirling

The Oslo-based maker of the Opera web browser may have been acquired by Microsoft, which may have beaten Google in bidding for the company. Maybe.

Yahoo Wants Firefox Users To Switch
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One Firefox user visiting Yahoo’s home page was surprised to see Yahoo invite him to switch his default search option from Google to Yahoo in three easy steps.

Gmail Hits The Small Screen

Mobile phone users can now access Gmail on their preferred handset’s browser, and Google has included a few features to enhance the mobile version too.

Opera Could End If Google Sings

When it comes to market capitalization, Google is definitely a prima donna of substantial girth; the next aria it sings could be a swan song for the Norwegian-made Opera browser.

Browser Makers Put Up No-Phishing Signs

A meeting in Toronto featured representatives and developers for several web browsers, as they discussed methods of revealing phishing sites to users.

Opera Brings AJAX To Mobile Developers

Creators of Asynchronous Javascript and XML applications can obtain a beta release of the Opera Platform software development kit to use in building web applications for mobile phones.

Browser Share: IE Up, Firefox Down

The analytics firm NetApplications has released its September 2005 numbers, and Firefox has declined in share for the second time this year.

Opera Sings Praises Of Google Money

The free version of the Opera web browser managed to shed its advertising, and Opera fans owe Google a bit of thanks.

Opera Goes Free

Users loading the default Opera browser start page found a message stating the formerly ad-supported free version would now be ad-free.

Opera Gets Answers

Answers.com, that is, and the arrangement will be a partnership that places access to its database on the Opera browser toolbar.

Answers Found In Opera

Nope, this isn’t a story about the “Three Tenors”. Opera Software added GuruNet’s Answers.com to their browser. Opera signed a partnership with the search engine to add an exclusive search feature to their browser.

Opera Builds BitTorrent Into Browser

The popular high-speed file-sharing tool BitTorrent has been embedded into a test preview of the Opera browser.

Opera Hits The Right Browser Note With Smartphones

There wasn’t going to be a version for Windows Mobile 2003, but users requested it from the Norwegian browser company.

Conversagent Kicks Up Customer Service

Every company is in the customer service business. They may say they’re in the fast food business or the book selling business or cable TV business, but in the end business won’t succeed if you don’t offer good service to your customers. More and more companies offer services on the Internet for their customers to utilize. Often these services are difficult to navigate and when you get to the FAQs, you may have weed through 200 questions before you get to the one you need. Most people have been there.

Browsers Face JavaScript Spoofing Issue

The way browsers handle JavaScript dialog boxes may pose a security threat to an unthinking user.

Asa Understands Normal Users and Firefox Users

It’s always refreshing to know that the folks working on some of the highest profile open source projects realize that they (well, “we”) live in our own bubble…

Quick tip: Reading Feeds On Your Mobile

Just a quick tip about the perfect(?) solution to keep an eye on your RSS feeds while being away from the computer.