Opera Articles

Opera Wants Users To Get Widgety

Opera Widgetize attempts to encourage more of its browser users to create little applications, or widgets, with a few mouse clicks instead of lengthy coding sessions.

Ubuntu Gains Opera, High Profile Converts

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, the “Dapper Drake” release, will be able to run Opera 9; this means a pair of technology notables who have switched from Mac to Ubuntu will be a simple ‘apt-get’ away from having Opera on their systems.

W3C Advances Mobile Web Development

The World Wide Web Consortium has promoted its Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 for website and content management system designers to Candidate Recommendation status.

Opera 9 Pushes The Limits

The latest version of the Opera web browser has emerged from beta, bringing BitTorrent support, RSS feedreading, content blocking, widgets, and tab previews to its millions of users.

World Cup Shines On The Web

Yahoo dominates the global soccer showcase as the host of the official website for the World Cup, and other sites offer Cup-related services. Even though the talking heads on ESPNRadio and local sports radio shows have nothing but disdain for soccer and its occasional 1-0 scores…

Opera Brings Browser To Pocket PC

The Opera Mobile browser has become available for the Pocket PC platform and runs on Windows Mobile 5 and 2003 SE.

Justice Unworried About IE7 Search

Google had complained to US and European antitrust regulators about Microsoft including a search box with MSN Search as the default in Internet Explorer 7, but the Department of Justice had no problems with the feature.

Google Threatens Wireless Market

A mixture of free wireless broadband connections and voice over Internet protocol applications will leave the mobile network market in the United States a smoldering unmourned wreck consigned to the scrapheap, but only in major cities.

Web Developer Tools Rock Firefox

An assortment of extensions for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser make it even more useful for developers who prefer using it for their work.

Opera 9 Browser Enters Public Beta

The Oslo-based software company moved version 9 of its freely available browser into public beta after receiving feedback on its two prior technology preview releases of Opera 9.

Google Lends Voice To Search

There is a better way to perform a search query on Google via a mobile phone than tapping a lengthy string of numbers, and that would be by speaking normally to the search engine.

Anything Goes in the Blogosphere

It’s a great place, the blogosphere. Anyone with an opinion about anything can articulate it. And anyone does precisely that, including me.

Google’s New Look Through Javascript

ZDNet’s “Googling Google” blogger Garett Rogers found a Javascript trick that unveils the occasionally glimpsed new look of Google’s search results to Firefox users.

Opera Fixes Bloglines Bug

Opera has done a minor release, going from 8.51 to 8.52. They fixed some minor security and performance issues, and one thing that was near and dear to me: Bloglines.

Google Click-To-Call Sightings

Another instance of the green phone icon appearing for some AdWords listings in Google search results has been reported online.

FirstGov Embracing Syndication

RSS feeds and email updates from the US government’s communications website deliver its latest official news and information.

Kamambe Does Opera

So, I just posted on Kamambe, Jason Schramm’s site that lets you customize Google’s tabs in Firefox.

Opera Integrates BitTorrent in Upcoming Browser

Oslo-based Opera Software today announced that it has teamed with BitTorrent Inc. to include the BitTorrent(TM) protocol in the upcoming version of the Opera Web browser.

Opera Seeding New Browser With BitTorrent

The Opera 9 Technology Preview 2 will integrate support for the BitTorrent protocol and should be available soon for testing.

Google Toolbar Adds New Tools

Another beta version of Google’s Toolbar arrived on the company’s servers, just waiting for download and testing by its user base.

Opera Goes Global With Mini Browser

The Opera Mini browser, complete with integrated Google search, has been released globally and will work on virtually any mobile phone capable of downloading it.