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Opera Announces Official April Fool’s Policy
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The Oslo-based software company clarified its position on tomfoolery, gimcrackery, shenanigans, mischief, mayhem, but not hijinks.

Opera Software ASA, makers of the best browser in this, or indeed any, universe, today revealed the results of a five month process to determine this year’s April Fool’s joke. After considerable competitive analysis, structural synthesis, skilled observation, educated prognostication and blind luck, the management along with Opera’s Corporate Relations and Prevarication department determined there will be no April Fool’s joke for FY07.

Microsoft Releases Deepfish for Windows Mobile

A prototype browser called Deepfish arrived for the Windows Mobile platform, stirring up opinions that Microsoft may be more than a little concerned about not owning the dominant browser on mobile phones.

Speed Dial Websites With Opera

Internet users who have a small rotation of websites they visit regularly will have an easier way to hit them from the Opera web browser.

Opera Community Site Reaches Everywhere

From the desktop to the mobile, even to the Nintendo Wii, Opera Software’s free networking site offers its users several points of access.

Opera Mini Has A Ninjarific Birthday
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The adoption of web browsing on mobile devices has helped Opera Mini enjoy a successful first year in and out of the pockets of people around the world.

Opera Mobile Switches From Google to Yahoo

Opera Watch reports that both the Opera Mobile browser (for smartphones and PDAs) and the Opera Mini browser (for mobile phones) are switching the default search provider from Google to Yahoo, ending a one-year agreement with Google for default search.

Opera Goes Yahoo For Mobile Search
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A year ago, Opera announced Google would be the default search provider on its mobile browser. That has changed to Yahoo, a fundamental shift that seems surprising on the surface.

Yahoo Gets Around, A Lot, With Go 2.0

Yahoo! announced a flurry of new partnerships today as part of a global launch of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 (beta). The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company teamed up with Motorola, Nokia, Opera, Research In Motion, Samsung, and 3 Group, hoping to maximize exposure of the new platform and Yahoo!’s new oneSearch mobile search engine.

Opera User Javascript For Google Services

Ionut Alex links to an Opera user JavaScript designed to help Google services work better with the Opera browser.

Opera Hooks Phishers With Latest Browser

The newest version of Opera Software’s web browser adds support from OpenDNS project PhishTank and from GeoTrust to combat phishing sites.

Opera Mini Socially Networks

Today Opera Mini launched an upgraded version of the popular mobile browser which enhances social networking on mobile phones.

Adobe Opens ActionScript Code to Mozilla
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Adobe announced this week that it has contributed source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation as part of a new open source project entitled Tamarin.

Microsoft Deploys Live Search On Nokia

Microsoft and Nokia reached an agreement that will place Live Search into Nokia’s Mobile Search platform, which will make Live Search available to users of Nokia’s high-end N Series multimedia phone and S60-compatible devices.

Opera Dips Flash Into Devices SDK

Developers working with Opera’s software development kit for mobile platforms now have support for the Flash Player 7 SDK available to them.

Opera To Resell Flash Player 7 SDK

Opera Software said yesterday it is adding support for Adobe’s Macromedia Flash Player 7 SDK in Opera for Devices SDK.

Developing That Web Style

Cascading Style Sheet standards compliance resided at the base of many complaints about Internet Explorer; its developers have made efforts to follow the standards better with IE 7, and for good reason as CSS can make a web developer’s life easier.

Firefox 2 Beta 2 Available To You

The obligatory notice about the Firefox 2 Beta 2 browser being a developer preview release made available for testing purposes only has been duly noted.

Mobile Design: Quest Against Horizontal Scrolling

With upwords of 200 million currently active wireless subscribers in the United States alone, and with mobile internet’s popularity increasing and accessibility improving, it’s no surprise that your website should be optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.

WebProNews Hits The Opera

Users of the Opera web browser now have a new choice when customizing their Opera Portal news selections – Top News from WebProNews.

RSS Does Not Sway The Skeptic

RSS has been touted as a vehicle that could supplant email marketing; a skeptical look at RSS indicates what companies will need to avoid doing to make it work for them.

Aptana Apt For Web Development

The integrated developer environment distributed by Aptana takes a JavaScript-focused approach to building dynamic applications.