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Facebook Could Still Be Interested In OpenSocial

When Google’s OpenSocial was considered a collection of social networking outsiders, the smart money seemed to favor its competitors, Facebook and MySpace.  But now that MySpace has partnered with OpenSocial, we’re left to wonder whether Facebook will join, as well.

MySpace Joins OpenSocial

MySpace is adding some serious clout to Google’s freshly launched OpenSocial. The popular social networking site has signed on to be a part of  Google’s APIs for creating social applications on the Web.

OpenSocial’s First Task: Easy Facebook Import
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Unless Google can make it smoother than a bucket of AstroGlide to get all of a person’s Facebook contacts over to its OpenSocial platform, they could find audience-building an uphill battle.

Google Hits, Stays Above $700

At 9:32 AM, Google’s stock arrived at $700.43.  Regardless of what happened next, that was an important mark.  But what happened next is interesting, too: the search engine giant generally stayed above $700.

Google Announces API Connecter For Social Networks

Google has decided that when it comes to Facebook, if you can’t beat ‘em, API ‘em. Google’s OpenSocial, which will launch at code.google.com/apis/opensocial tomorrow, will be a set of APIs that developers can use to create applications that work on any participating social network. Google’s goal is to create an open layer that runs atop all social networks, diminishing the power of all the networks in the process.

OpenSocial’s Importance Open To Debate
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Google’s products tend to be hit-or-miss affairs – compare the main search engine to Google Catalogs, if you will.  Now, as the release of OpenSocial approaches, opinions seem to be split as to whether it’ll arrive with a bang or as a bust.

Google’s OpenSocial To Launch Tomorrow

Google is set to launch OpenSocial tomorrow a system that will allow developers to build applications for a number of social networks.