Google Lets You Take Contacts With You

Google Lets You Take Contacts With You

By Chris Crum March 26, 2009 | 1 Comment

Google has begun implementing Portable Contacts, an open standard that aims to make it easier to access your contacts in a secure way when sites ask you to invite friends when you sign up.

Google Previews Friend Connect

There is a trend emerging: online giants making it so users can take their social networks with them anywhere they go on the web, sort of like digital carpooling. Google threw in its offering today, or will tonight anyway, with Google Friend Connect, a wash-n-wear service for incorporating social networking into non-social-networking websites.

Developers Asked To Play In iGoogle Sandbox

In a recent post that was about 125 words long, a Googler included the term "social" four times.  Keep Facebook, MySpace, and whatever else you like in mind, then, while learning about a new developer sandbox for iGoogle.

Yahoo Welcomed Into OpenSocial

Brace yourself: the words "Welcome, Yahoo!" have appeared on the Official Google Blog.  This isn’t some merger- or search-related announcement, however; Yahoo instead joined OpenSocial.

Yahoo May Sign Up For OpenSocial

What counts most major social networks – and Yahoo – among its members?  Official confirmation is still lacking, but later this year, maybe Google OpenSocial.

FindMeOn Upset With Google Over OpenSocial

Most lawsuits against Google seem to be the result of badly planned get-rich-quick schemes.  A complaint from FindMeOn may have something to it, however, and centers on the similarities between Google’s OpenSocial and the smaller company’s Open Social Networking (OpenSN).

The Battle Between Facebook & OpenSocial

Facebook appears to be trying to gain some ground against Google’s as-yet-unreleased OpenSocial effort by opening up its developer platform for other sites to use.

Bebo’s Own Open App Program

Oh, OpenSocial. How utopian. How idealistic. How run-by-Google.

How not actually what Bebo decided to go with for their Open Application Platform, announced today (CNET coverage), despite having joined the initiative last month. Instead, their platform is set to be Facebook-compatible, making it easy for developers to port their Facebook apps to Bebo. Which, you know, they’re all just dying to do.

Plaxo Gives Thanks For OpenSocial

Google’s OpenSocial has been both laughed at and fawned over as people have debated if it has any value.  The discussion will, by and large, continue, but the people at Plaxo have already decided that OpenSocial is extremely good.

Rapleaf Looks At OpenSocial Members, Facebook

Whether it’s from reading reports or scoping out the sites ourselves, most of us have a pretty good feel for various social networks – how big they are, who’s joined them, and so on.  New statistics from Rapleaf don’t really shake things up, but they do provide some interesting insights.

iLike’s Expanded Cross-Platform Marketing Tools
UPDATED: Yesterday music-based social networker iLike made marketing music via a multitude of social network and web sites a lot easier with new services that enable single source updating.

Yahoo Launches Social Site For College Grads
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Due to the arrival of OpenSocial, it felt like social networking had reached a new stage of development; Facebook stood alone, but other companies began to march under a single flag.  Now, however, there’s another “loose” contender called Kickstart.

OpenSocial Now Live

In case you missed this news, Google’s OpenSocial API went live now (oh, and MySpace is now an official OpenSocial partner too, making Google-competitor Facebook come off as anti-social if they don’t join). The FAQ explains that…

Facebook Open to OpenSocial, VC says

Peter Kafka at Silicon Alley Insider and Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch are reporting that Facebook board member and investor Jim Breyer said at an event last night that the social-networking site is open to working with Google’s OpenSocial project. The money quote:

Making Yahoo Visible
If you think of Yahoo, what springs to mind?

Google Joins the Widget World

Just when you think the web world is going to settle down, get out its pipe and slippers and kick back, someone rips up the blueprint and we have to start all over again.

Will Google OpenSocial Change The Internet?

As information came out about OpenSocial, the facts concerning Google’s new networking project seemed to grow less clear, instead of more.  Everyone’s now had a bit of time to look the matter over, though, and consider the implications of the deal.