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CES 2012: Issa, Wyden Blasting SOPA, Promoting OPEN

Two congressmen are at CES proclaiming the good news of OPEN and the evils of SOPA. PCMag is reporting that Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Ron Wyden, co-sponsors of the OPEN Act, are at CES talking about SOPA and how OPEN is a much better alternative. Sen. Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, said, “This is a going to be a legal …

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CES 2012: CEA President Shapiro Blasts SOPA In Keynote

Speaking yesterday morning at the Qualcomm CES keynote, Gary Shapiro blasted SOPA and its backers and supporters for their efforts to stifle both free speech and innovation. Shapiro is president of the Consumer Electronics Association, the organization responsible for CES. Shapiro pulled no punches in his criticism of the act and its backers. He called SOPA a “threat to innovation,” …

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