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Open Handset Alliance Attracts 14 More Members
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Open Handset Alliance

Google seems to be having a "big growth" kind of day.  One exhibit: Street View doubled its coverage of the U.S.  Then there’s also the case of the Open Handset Alliance, which started out with 34 members, gaining 14 fresh ones.

2008 May Be Google’s Year for Mobile

As the Chinese are reputed to say, may you live in interesting times. 2008 will undoubtedly be interesting. That’s how David Armano is seeing it. For him, 2007 Was The Year of Social Media. 2008 is the Year of Mobile Media.

Verizon Changes Heart, Opens Up
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Verizon reversed itself today by announcing the company will open its network to wireless devices, software, and applications not offered by the company. This comes just two months after the company sued the federal government to block openness requirements for the winner of the 700 MHz band of wireless spectrum.

Google Announces Android, Open Handset Alliance

Anyone who was still holding out for an antigravity/invisibility/teleportation device in the form of a forthcoming Gphone is in for a disappointment; Google has (re)confirmed that it will not be producing such a product.  But Google did discuss some other mobile plans that it feels are quite important.