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Maintenance Tools for Mac OS X
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There are a number of Mac OS maintenance applications that promise to help you with various tasks. We’ll take a quick look at a few of them here.

CDC Software Protests M2M Buying Onyx

CDC Software isn’t happy about losing out to M2M Holdings for acquiring Onyx Software and has sent letters to the board of directors of Onyx and to the Securities and Exchange Commission to bolster its case for acquisition and is threatening to take the matter to court.

CRM Wrapup: Debuts And Deals

InfoStreet’s web-based StreetSmart suite adds CRM and sales force automation; gateway security firm IronPort opts for Click Commerce to push supply chain data to CRM; and Hong Kong-based CDC Corporation ups its offer for CRM pioneer Onyx Software.

Enterprise Dashboard Best Practices Netcast Coming Up

It is very important for enterprises to have relevant information about the processes of customers as well as business processes.

New CRM Offering From Onyx

Onyx Software launched the Onyx Employee Portal for BlackBerry, optimized for BlackBerry wireless platform from Research In Motion (RIM).