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Online Retailers Thrifty With Marketing Spend

One-third of ecommerce merchants operate on a gross margin of 25 percent or less, according to an Internet Retailer survey conducted by Vovici.

Print Media Online Ad Spend To Hit $537 Million

U.S. newspaper and magazine publishers will spend almost $537 million this year to advertise their print and online brands, according to a new report from eMarketer,"Newspapers and Magazine Online: Content Is Still King."

MTV To Launch Online Lyric Service

MTV Networks is preparing to launch an online lyric search service in November.

Facebook – A Framework in Search of Purpose

The one thing that’s interesting about Facebook is that it’s really a framework in search of a purpose. What’s not interesting about Facebook is that Microsoft just bought a tiny sliver of it for 240 million dollars.

Recall Doesn’t Stall Online Demand For Toys

Non-travel retail sales for the third quarter of 2007 hit $28.4 billion, a 23 percent increase over the same period last year, with sales fueled by demand for video games and their related consoles and accessories.

Stars Of Poker Lobby Washington To Play Online

A group of about 100 people arrived in Washington this week to lobby for the legalization of online poker.  And considering that many of the 100 people are among America’s top poker players, it wouldn’t be wise to bet against them.

Market Researchers Favor Online Panels

Eighty-two percent of market researchers in North America and 87 percent in Europe say they will use online panels more frequently over the next 12 months, according to the Greenfield Online Ciao Surveys "Online Research Barometer."

The Hidden Online Guinness Ad
Guinness has added a little twist to its latest advertising campaign and have hidden it online somewhere for someone to find.

Free Shipping To Drive Online Holiday Sales

Expect to see plenty of free shipping offers this holiday season, the most common shipping promotion will be free shipping with conditions, according to the 2007 eHoliday study conducted by BizRate Research for Shop.org and Shopzilla.

Congress Mulls Fines For Cooperation With China

Have a seat; your hypocrisy detectors are about to blow. First the good news: The House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs passed the Global Online Freedom Act, which would penalize companies like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco for aiding countries like China spy on political dissidents.

The Big Convergence Of Online Advertising
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It’s hard to imagine a Web without onramps like search engines these days. They’ve become an essential part of the online experience. It may be equally as hard to imagine what the next phase of online advertising will be, as used to the sponsored links as we are.

Online Reviews Lead to Sales

Earlier this year, I asked whether manufacturers would post product reviews. Many retailers are doing it, of course, but too many manufacturers think allowing their customers to review their products is "risky"—there’s that word again. So, does the risk outweight the reward?

Reputation – Both Corporate & Personal

It has been an interesting week – a few blog posts out there attacking others, a nice article on online reputation that was syndicated from the Seattle Times, and a phone call via Facebook asking me about … defending your reputation because of blogs.

Google Won’t Dominate Book Search

Despite the hubbub generated by a New York Times report, the world of book digitization doesn’t start and end with Google, or even the participation of Microsoft and Yahoo in the Open Content Alliance.

Holiday Increase in Online Retail Predicted

JupiterResearch predicts that US online retail during the holiday season will grow to over $39 billion this year. This represents an increase of 20% over last year. About 126 million users are expected to buy online, which is a 6% increase over last year.

Internet retailers plan to drive their holiday sales primarily through search marketing, even though they are noticing that costs are rising and ROI is dropping. They also plan to increase free shipping offers and promote percent-off discounts.

Online Holiday Retail Sales To Set Record

U.S. online holiday retail sales will reach $39 billion in 2007, an increase of 20 percent over last year’s holiday season according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "US Online Retail Holiday Forecast, 2007."

Brin: TV Ads Are Most Like Online Ones

Video advertising online shares close ties with its more well-known sibling, the television ad, and that’s what will make it a success.

Online CPG Reviews Popular With Consumers

Consumer product reviews are becoming more trusted according to a Deloitte Consumer Product Group study. Deloitte revealed that 62 percent of Internet users read product reviews written by fellow consumers.

Online Courses Catching On With Students

Blackboard Inc. and Project Tomorrow have released "Learning in the 21st Century: A National Report of Online Learning." The report examines the role online learning has on students and teachers.

Online Travel Purchases Increasing
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The Internet has become a travel distribution channel with 70 percent of online leisure travelers booking some of their personal travel online and 52 percent purchasing all or most of their travel online according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "US Travel Consumer Survey 2007."

Ancestry.com Sells For $300 Million

You may or may not know about The Generations Network, but one of its properties has been a huge help to amateur and professional genealogists everywhere.  And now Ancestry.com, along with the rest of The Generations Network’s properties, has a new owner: Spectrum Equity Investors.

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