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Online Video Ads: Less Annoying

At OMMA Video, Dynamic Logic’s Research Director, Kara Manatt, released the results of a study on consumers’ responses to various online advertising, MediaPost reports.

Twitter as a Tool for Marketing & PR

In a previous post on MyBlogLog tips, I had mentioned a series of social media marketing posts Online Marketing Blog will be publishing where many of the tips will actually come from the community they’re about.

The End of the PR World as We Know it

Social Media is indeed making changes in our lives.  Even Time Magazine, a bastion of old media, hailed user generated content as the single most influential change in 2006.

Online Holiday Sales To Reach $39 Billion

U.S. online holiday retail sales will reach over $39 billion in 2007, an increase of 20 percent over last year’s holiday season, according to a JupiterResearch report "U.S. Online Retail Holiday Forecast, 2007."

Recommended Online Marketing & PR Reading List

At ad:tech last week, fellow PR/new media marketing practitioner and blogger, Rohit Bhargava and I were talking about his new book, “Personality Not Included – Why Brands Lose Their Authenticity and How Great Companies Get it Back”, and he mentioned that I should send him a list of recommended reading for a new bookstore feature he’s adding to his blog.

Free WSJ Online Access Coming

Rupert Murdoch plans to make WSJ.com free to increase readership and generate far more in advertising. Right now the site gets 1 million viewers and Murdoch hopes to see it go to 15 million. For now a subscription just to the online edition is $79 for a year.

Excelsior! Marvel Launches Digital Comic Archive
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The comics industry has suffered through years of flagging readership and lower demand for titles, but Marvel may have powered up a way to a resurgence for their work.

More Payment Options Increase Online Sales

Online retailers are accepting more forms of alternative payments from shoppers in an effort to ease fears about online fraud according to a new report from payments processor CyberSource.

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge For Students
Google Inc has announced the Google Online Marketing Challenge. This will be held in March or May next year.

Extra Security Makes Online Bankers Nervous

In an effort to protect customers against fraud like phishing, banks have added extra security features for people who bank online.

UK Very Attuned to Social Networks
The UK has the most social networkers in Europe, with almost a fifth of all internet users regularly visiting sites like Bebo, Hi5, Facebook and MySpace.

Speaking Publicly on Online Marketing

They say you should face your greatest fears head on and public speaking has been one of mine since I was a kid. Being shy didn’t help during those school speech assignments one bit. Anyone with me on that one?

Having worked in the search marketing/web dev business since 1997, it was only 2 years ago or so that I began to speak at events about SEO, marketing with blogs and online public relations. I think there were 3 speaking events that first year. This year it looks like 16 and there are already 8 events booked for 2008. Things can change quickly in internet time.

Bots Take The Fun Out Of Online Poker
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The government doesn’t need to kill online poker. Bots will do it for them. Feel like chancing your money with an arithmetic machine? Neither does anybody else.

Number Of Older (Online) Shoppers Surges

As the holiday season draws nearer, you’ll see them at malls and retail stores in increasing numbers: older people with long shopping lists.  But people at or over the age of 55 are increasingly likely to spend money online, too.

Michelin Guide Ratings Leaked Online
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The Michelin guide ratings for restaurants in Los Angeles and Las Vegas were mistakenly posted on its Web site before Monday’s scheduled announcement.

Online Ad Spend To Reach $42 Billion

Advertisers are on track to spend $21.4 billion on the Internet in 2007, according to an eMarketer online ad spending report. By 2011 spending on advertisements online is estimated to hit $42 billion.

IBM: End Of The Advertising World

There won’t be unstoppable viruses, implacable zombies, or nuclear weapons involved in the end of the advertising world as we know it (though I think I just wrote the logline for next summer’s blockbuster), but the times will be a-changin’ for advertising through the next five years.

Reaching Online Vehicle Shoppers

A new study from ValueClick Media and interactive agency Goodway 2.0 titled "Cost-Effectively Reaching the In-Market Auto Buyer" examines new online marketing strategies for automotive marketers.

Russia Online Audience Fastest Growing
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Europe had the largest Internet audience- ever in September with a five percent year over year growth, and 226.7 million unique visitors 15 years or older.

Who Will Manage The Online Ad Conversation?

The debut of Facebook’s Social Ads builds upon the path of “pull” advertising being walked in social media. It presents a challenge to the brands, marketers, and agencies who manage the advertising message.

Walmart.com Says No To Online Grocery Delivery
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Walmart.com says it is not going into the online grocery delivery business.

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