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The Great Social Retailing Invention

Social networking is so popular online that it’s spilling into the physical world – at actual stores. Called social retailing, the concept debuted at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) show last January 2007. Recently, the concept, by IconNicholson was selected by Time Magazine as One of the Best Inventions of 2007.

Online Video Viewing Continues To Rise

More and more people are consuming online video, primarily, say researchers, because of the increasing availability of broadband connections. As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, so too is mobile video consumption.

34% Do Holiday Shopping Online
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About one in three shoppers (34%), in the UK will do the majority of their shopping online, according to comparison-shopping Web site Savebuckets.

Online Holiday Spending Tops $18 Billion

Forget about Cyber Monday; December 6th easily topped the online sales of the Monday after Thanksgiving, as US consumers spent $803 million on the first Thursday in December.

Online Marketing Budgets Set To Increase
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Over half of B-to-B marketers (60%) plan to increase their marketing budgets next year, according to BtoB’s "2008 Marketing Priorities and Plans" survey.

Local Search Ads To $5 Billion In ’08
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Borrell Associates predicted a big gain in the overall local online ad market, with local search representing a big slice of the market share.

Shoppers Should Read Online Privacy Policies

The New York Public Interest Research Group has released a report on online shopping privacy policies detailing how online retailers protect customer’s identity.

Online Video Traffic Drops 6 %

The top five online video sites switched their ranking order and site traffic in October, according to Compete.

Consumers Unaware Of Online Security Threats

Over half of computer users believe they are protected against online threats like spyware, viruses and hackers actually have little or no online protection according to a study by research firm iTracks conducted for Verizon.

Online Video Viewing Up

Online video remains popular with close to two-thirds of Internet users viewing video online each week.

Online Shoppers Want Quality Recommendations

Online retailers that recommend products that consumers are not interested in perform worse than those that make no recommendations, according to the 2007 ChoiceStream Personalization Survey.

Half Have Shopped Online While At Work

One-fifth of people say that the workplace is the main location where they access the Internet according to a survey from Burst Media.

Online Tool for Reputation Rating

WOT, also known as Web of Trust, has launched the world’s first online tool for reputation rating.

SES Chicago: Online Search, Local Purchases

Most folks know that they can find whatever they want on the Web.  Nonetheless, people still hop in the car when it’s time to actually buy stuff.  This can be a good thing, though, if you learn to take advantage of it.

Over Half Of Europeans Online

In Europe 54 percent of households had access to the Internet in the first quarter of 2007, up from 49 percent in the first quarter of 2006, and 42 percent had a broadband connection, compared with 30 percent in 2006, according to statistical agency Eurostat.

SES Chicago: Online Retail And SEO

There is money being left on the table by online retailers, as many have not made the most out of their search engine optimization opportunities.

Online Retailers Sending More Holiday Email

Promotional email from retailers on Cyber Monday increased this year with 55 percent more sending email this year than last year according to RetailEmail.Blogspot, a site that monitors email marketing campaigns of major retailers.

Off to Speak at SES Chicago

Brrr!  I am off to Chicago in the morning to speak at SES. Temperatures below freezing and snow already on the ground.  For a little African lizard like me used to blazing heat it’s way too cold.  I bought myself some thermal underwear and pulled out my down parka and off I go.

Online Shoppers Have Little Patience

Close to three-quarters of online shoppers (73%) will ditch an ecommerce site within one or two minutes of not finding the products they are looking for according to a survey sponsored by SLI Systems and conducted by Zoomerang.

Online Ads To Surpass Magazines
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The Internet is on track to surpass magazines to become the globe’s third largest advertising medium by 2010, according to Steve King, chief executive of ZenithOptimedia.

Online Retailers And Gift Card Redemption

Gift cards are expected to be popular this holiday season and online retailers who are not prepared to handle post-holiday online card redemptions risk losing customers.