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Netflix Mulls Offering Short-Form Videos Netflix Mulls Offering Short-Form Videos

We heard nearly a year ago that Netflix was talking about offering some DVD-like extras for streaming content. Now, it looks like Netflix may start offering some short-form content in an effort to get more people using the service from …

Blockbuster Closing Its Doors Forever Blockbuster Closing Its Doors Forever

Blockbuster has found itself in a situation where it has to wind up its retail and mail distribution business by January 2014 because of the expected decline in demand of its services. Blockbuster may have had a booming business in …

Tips on Promoting Videos Tips on Promoting Videos
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Previously, we discussed creating compelling iPhone videos, but what happens now? How do you get the word out about the cool content you single-handedly created? Thanks to some tips and ideas from Michael Terpin’s BlogWorld session, you should have, after …

YouTube Launching Automatic Video Captions
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YouTube is readying the launch of an automatic captions feature for the site’s videos. This and a new automatic caption timing feature will make it easier for anyone to add captions to their videos, and will enable anyone to read captions on more videos.