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September Online Video Rankings Show YouTube Still Leading September Online Video Rankings Show YouTube Still Leading
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ComScore, a leading online media metrics company, today released its online video rankings for September 2012. Unsurprisingly, Google leads the internet in both unique viewers and video ads. According to the new rankings, Google websites, led by YouTube had over …

Online Video Ads: Less Annoying

At OMMA Video, Dynamic Logic’s Research Director, Kara Manatt, released the results of a study on consumers’ responses to various online advertising, MediaPost reports.

Online Video Ads May Be Worth $7 Billion By 2012

Ask the average person about ads, and they’ll think of television commercials.  Mention computers, and they’ll move on to text ads.  But a new report from Forrester Research suggests that video ads deserve attention, too, because as much as $7.1 billion might be spent on them by 2012.

Users Ok With Online Video Ads

A new survey by TNS, a market insight and information group, finds that online video has become a compelling medium for both broad viewer audiences as well as relevant advertiser messages.

Video Ads On Media Sites Create Interest

The most successful video advertising is found on media sites according to a study from the Online Publisher’s Association (OPA) "Frames of Reference."

Online Video Ads Lead To Sales
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Online video ads are converting to sales, according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA) "Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behavior" report.

Online Video Advertising To Grow

TV producers are seeing value in shows after they air. Just as DVDs boost movie revenues, DVD sets of TV shows are selling well, along with iTunes downloads of individual shows for $1.99.

Rebroadcasts are proving beneficial for TV show sponsors who support hosting on the TV shows sites. This will likely grow the online video advertising beyond its current status.