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TV Shows Start To Earn Higher Ad Rates Online

The odds seem good that, no matter how huge his (or her) computer monitor, the average person still prefers to watch shows on a television.  But something of a breakthrough’s occurred, as television shows have begun to command higher advertising rates online.

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Report: Online TV Growing Slowly In The UK

UK advertisers who are fond of broadcast television have nothing to fear from its online counterpart, according to a new report.  In fact, the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) found that traditional "commercial impacts" are up, and it seems to believe that any sort of switch is still a long ways off.

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Study: Online TV Content Ads Connect With Car Shoppers

Online television is nice for all sorts of reasons – the convenience, the selection, the lack of cost.  And for advertisers, online content linked to television is nice because it’s helpful in selling new cars.

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NBC will become the first major broadcast network to release traffic data for the online streams of its full episodes on including demographic figures.

The program-specific streaming data will be released through Nielsen Online VideoCensus. NBC said the initiative is part of an "effort to deliver transparent metrics that provide more effective 360-degree planning and analysis tools."

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Online Television Draws Large Audiences In Europe

When it comes to online television, American companies and programs are what we tend to discuss.  Research shows that online television is extremely popular in Europe, however, and so Europeans could drive the next wave of advertising trends.

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ABC Stuffing More Commercials Into Online TV

Feeling safe in the knowledge that I could catch up online, I skipped "Lost" last Thursday night and watched PBS’s "Carrier" instead.  Then, on the ABC website, everything worked fine.  But in the future, watching shows on the ABC site may be a little more annoying thanks to extra commercials.

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Online TV Viewers More Attentive Than Traditional Types

Lots of people use their televisions to generate background noise; rather few folks seem to use their computersOnline TV Viewers More Attentive Than Traditional Types for this purpose.  You shouldn’t be shocked, then, to discover that viewers of online TV shows are a little more tuned-in than their couch potato counterparts.

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Online TV Ads Doing Surprisingly Well

You may not be too shocked to hear that networks have found themselves with lots of online advertising for sale.  What is surprising, though, is that this isn’t due to a lack of demand; it’s because networks have (in some cases) already fulfilled their first round of obligations.

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