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Belgian RIAA Demands An Internet Tax To Pay For Losses Due To Piracy

Content owners say piracy is the number one problem facing content owners. These groups have tried almost everything to stop piracy, but none of it has really worked. Now content owners have a new tactic to regain revenue lost due to piracy – an Internet tax. Ars Technica reports that Sabam, the Belgian equivalent of the RIAA, have taken Belgium’s …

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Senators Seek To Extend The Internet Tax Freedom Act Indefinitely

Unless you’re buying something online, the Internet is a tax free service. That all might change in 2014, however, if a bill barring the government from taxing the Internet isn’t extended. Fortunately, two senators are already on the case with a new permanent extension. The Hill reports that Senators Kelly Ayotte and Dean Heller have introduced an extension to 1998’s …

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Amazon No Longer Taxing Colorado Sales

A 2010 Colorado law that forced online vendors like Amazon to charge state sales tax has been officially revoked by a federal court. The law had been temporarily blocked since last year, but now a ruling by U.S District Judge Robert Blackburn permanently shut it down. Blackburn wrote in his opinion on the case, “I conclude that the veil provided …

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