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Starz Announces Starz Play And Encore Play Online Services

Starz Entertainment announced the launch of Starz Play and Encore Play, new online services for the premium movie (and original content) channels. The announcement comes with a partnership from Cox Communications, which will be the first provider to offer the service. The services are offered free of charge to subscribers of the TV versions of the channels. The online coutnerparts …

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If You Have Netflix, You Probably Watch TV On It

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber on and off again since the very beginning. When they began to offer unlimited streaming, I was all over that. I could watch any move I wanted and it was glorious. Now I find myself moving away from the movies and more towards TV shows. It turns out that I’m not alone. A Nielsen study …

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Amazon Studios Set to Develop Sitcoms, Children’s Programming

Following in the footsteps of its competitors Netflix and Hulu, Amazon has officially announced that they are in the process of putting together sitcoms and children’s programs for inclusion in its online streaming service. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the company’s adventure into producing original content is that they are accepting submissions from writers, filmmakers, and animators who are …

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Americans Watch Billions of Ads, Videos Every Month

Yes, you read that correctly. Billions. According to MediaPost Publications, Americans watched a staggering 8.3 billion ads last March, breaking all previous records in the process. And who says that we have absolutely nothing better to do with our free time than sit around staring at computer/television screens all day? Well, they may have been right. Stand proud, America. To …

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