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Growing Up Wired; E-biz Looks Younger

It won’t be long until the average Internet user isn’t so average. As teenagers, a demographic that has little or no memory of life before the Web, grow into adults, the world of e-commerce will expand to levels heretofore unrealized (or dreamed).

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Sixty Three Percent of Searchers Buy Offline

comScore and Google have released a new study – “The Role of Search in Consumer Buying” – which examined holiday related purchases to see which completed online and which offline.

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Defining Product Standards for Online Shopping

I caught up with Alan Rimm-Kaufman at SES in NYC who asked me to share with you an effort that is underway to bring some kind of standardization to online shopping datafeeds.

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The Buying Cycle of Online Buyers

The NYT has a short and sweet piece on how online shoppers conduct their searches.

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