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Online Security, Are We All Potentially At Risk?

How safe are we really? One may wonder if large corporations, small businesses, and individuals are all subject to online fraud. Financial Fraud Action UK has recently reported that losses incurred due to online security failures are increasing. Though there is no surefire way to safeguard against all potential risks, individuals have options regarding where to invest their money. Choosing …

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Biggest IT Security Hacks [Infographic]

The folks at Background Check have put together a chart describing some of the largest IT security breaches ever. Verizon has been tracking online security since 2004, and posted 174 million hacks in 2011, the second highest ever. The chart sheds light upon instances of social hacking, privileged information misuse, hacking, malware and physical attacks. Presented by: Background Check Guide …

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‘Password1’ Most Popular Password in Business

According to the 2012 Global Security Report by Trustwave, ‘Password1’ has become the most common password used in business. Password1 is so common because it satisfies the Microsoft Active Directory setting, meaning it has a capital letter, a number, and the right amount of characters to meet the requirements for basic password security. This isn’t good news in the progressively …

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