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Pandora Now Lets Advertisers Target Drivers

Do you use Pandora radio while driving? If so, you might just start to get a bit more advertising from more companies. Pandora announced at CES that it’s now letting advertisers target drivers with in-car advertising. The company notes that Pandora Radio is already available on nine out of the 10 best-selling passenger vehicles so this new initiative will help …

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iHeartRadio Surpasses 135 Million Downloads

Clear Channel announced today that its iHeartRadio service has surpassed 135 million downloads and 20 million registered users. On top of that, the iHeartRadio network is now seeing 239 million monthly listeners and over 48 million monthly digital uniques. “Registered users only represent a portion of iHeartRadio’s total listener base, since registration is only required for the Custom Station feature …

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Pandora’s Fiscal 1Q 2013 Financial Report

Pandora’s first quarter fiscal report for 2013 is in and they have surpassed their expectations regarding revenue and listening hours. In fact, total revenue grew almost 60% and reached almost $81 million. Total listening hours grew 92% and reached over 30 billion hours, and compared with only 1.6 billion at the same time last year, that’s a huge jump. Non-GAAP …

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Pandora Launches On TiVo

TiVo has announced the availability of Internet radio service Pandora on all of its broadband-connected TiVo Premiere boxes.

 On TiVo, users can create a new free Pandora account, or sign-in with an existing Pandora accounts and access their current station on television. Users can access Pandora stations created on TiVo or any other platform where they listen to Pandora, including PCs, smartphones and other connected devices.


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Mixcloud Aims to Become “YouTube of Radio”

Mixcloud, an online radio site, which aims to be the "YouTube of radio," has just launched to the public. The site, which is based in London, aims to make radio more social, personal, and democratic. The public is taking notice. Mixcloud is already creating a lot of buzz, and has made the trending topics on Twitter.

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Google Axes Radio Ads

Google is now shutting down its radio advertising business. This comes about a month after Google announced the shut down of its print advertising business, not to mention Google Notebook, Jaiku, Google Catalog Search, Mashup Editor, Dodgeball, and uploading to Google Video.

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Online Radio Grows 37 Percent

Online music radio and track play listening hours increased 37.6 percent to 6.67 billion in 2008, while in-stream audio sold against ad -supported cumulative hours rose by 46.1 percent to $74 million over the 12 month period, according to a report by AccuStream iMedia Research.

The report, "Online Music Spins and Media Spend: 2003 – 2012," found that AOL’s Shoutcast platform remains the most popular destination for online music, accounting for 52.5 percent of total time spent listening, followed by Clear Channel sites with 7.8 percent.

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AOL Launches New Radio Offering

AOL has launched a new version of its AOL radio that features a redesigned online player, along with 150 CBS Radio stations.

The new player is powered by CBS Radio, and allows users to skip songs, add unlimited channel presets and share streams with AIM users.

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More People Listening To Online Radio At Work

An increasing number of American workers are listening to online radio while at work according to Arbitron/Edison Media Research.

The number of people who listen to the radio online has increased from 12 percent in 2007 to 20 percent in 2008. During the same period the number of workers listening to traditional radio dropped from 88 percent to 80 percent.

The research revealed that education played a big role in workers choosing to listen to radio online. Thirty percent of college graduates listen to online radio most often compared to 12 percent of non-college graduates.

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