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Search, Mickey D’s, Or Coke, Branding Is Powerful

Here’s a challenge for you: raise a child unexposed to branding. Good luck with it. This article isn’t about parenting, though, it’s about the power of the brand. A recent study revealed preschoolers think even milk and carrots wrapped up with McDonald’s golden arches tastes better.

Behavioral Targeting Becoming ‘Essential’

Now is the time to do some behavioral targeting before it’s regulated. (Da guvmint is froggy on both sides of this issue, wanting at the same time to limit how much digital information is stored about users and to glean all they can from it for their own surveillance purposes.) Though people tend to be creeped out by how much marketers know about them, if done right, it can be mutually beneficial.

Green Teens More Engaged Online

Around 38 percent of all online teens say they are concerned for the environment, and 15 percent are hardcore Green Teens, according to a new report from JupiterResearch "Green Teens: Reaching a Trendy, Engaged Audience Online."

Optimizing Your Optimization: A Holistic Approach
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In the past week, there has been an influx of online marketing tips and how-to’s on industry blogs covering everything from how to optimize eBay stores and contextual ad campaigns to social media marketing for business-to-business. We thought these were some excellent sources for creating a more universal online marketing campaign.

Web Sites Marketing Tool For Restaurants

Close to nine in 10 U.S. restaurants now have Web sites and most view their sites as a marketing tool, according to an AIS Media study.

Web Sites Marketing Tool For Restaurants
“Web Sites Marketing Tool For Restaurants”
Web Sites Marketing Tool For Restaurants
Marketers, It’s Your Fault Kids Are Fat

There are at least two sides to this and we’ll try to address them both. The Center for Digital Democracy is looking to the US government to regulate the marketing of unhealthy food to children online.

When Marketing Online, Don’t Forget the Rich

Time for stating the obvious: wealthier people are more likely to have computers, Internet access and credit cards with nice elastic limits.