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China To Clamp Down On Online Gaming
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China said it would issue stricter regulations on online gaming in an effort to clamp down on the undesirable aspects of the industry.

" In the next five years, China’s online gaming industry will reach a turning point where ‘green’ games will be appreciated and encouraged," Kou Xiaowei, deputy director of the audio-visual and Internet publication department of the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) said according to China Daily.

Casual Gaming: An Untapped Market

At the first of the year, I wondered if 2007 or 2008 would be the year of the online game.

2007 is nearly gone, and not a peep out of anybody except the Casual Games Association, which says 150 million people play free, casual games online, outpacing game consoles, first-person shooter games, and massively multiplayer games.

Casual Games Association
Online Gaming Remains Popular

Playing games online is still a more popular activity in the U.S. than watching short video clips or visiting social networking sites, according to Casual Gaming market Update report from Parks Associates

China Puts Limits On Online Gaming

Kids are creative, so it’s difficult to enforce any rules without the smart little…minxes finding a way around them. You know that tone that only teenagers can hear and drives them crazy? They turned that around by making it a ring tone the teacher wouldn’t hear in class.

Will Users Kongregate At The YouTube For Games?

It’s spelled as if it comes straight from the Kaiser, or the Kremlin, and red like the Cold War (which Putin, apparently, is looking to put back in the cooler), and maybe, since it’s somewhat communal, this online sharing thing, it’s appropriate – Kongregate is being touted as "the YouTube for games."

Google Patents Profiling of Online Gamers
In March Google acquired the in-game advertising technology firm Adscape Media. Though some have their doubts, advertising within video games is seen as an effective way to reach the coveted demographic of men 18-34. According to Google:

Web Boosts PC Gaming

PC gaming had a drop off in revenue in 2005 but is rebounding, according to the NPD Group. Retail sales of PC games in the United States were over $970 million in 2006.

Web Boosts PC Gaming
Web Boosts PC Gaming
Web Boosts PC Gaming
Atari To Develop Its Own Virtual World

Second Life has inspired numerous other start-ups looking to take advantage of the hype surrounding the user-generated virtual world phenomenon.

While many companies are looking to make a name for themselves with such aspirations, Atari just wants to reclaim its piece of the video gaming pie.

Just what sort of unmitigated chaos has been wrought in the wake of Second Life’s popularity?

Virtual Worlds Valued At A Billion

World of Warcraft, Second Life, Final Fantasy Online, Everquest and a whole slew of other online environments are booming as broadband access has continued to proliferate throughout the United States and beyond.

2007, The Year of the Online Game?

2005 was the year of the social network. In 2006, online video was the chief cause of acquisition hysteria. Will 2007 be the year of the online gaming site? Why not? Where else do you find an audience so devoted they’ll forfeit sleep and food? A growing audience that is loyal, habitual, and young seems ripe for the picking.

Extracurricular Qualifiers

When we are young, all we learn we learn through play. Why should it stop there?

Online Games Soon To Be Spectator Sport

Don’t call me a prophet. No, not yet. But in 20 years remember this article and how you were told it would happen. Imagine sitting down to catch a pay-per-view soccer match. The team: Manchester United. So what? The team is digital and controlled by a Simon, a 16-year-old kid in Santa Fe. He’s playing against Kim’s Peruvian All Stars in Seoul. You paid $18 to watch a video game soccer match.