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Google Launches New Online Mapping Course

Google wants you to teach yourself how to better utilize its various mapping products. Google has just launched registration on a brand new online mapping course that they say will allows interested parties to better “harness the world’s most comprehensive and accurate mapping tools.” It’s called Mapping with Google, and you can register today. The online courses will begin on …

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Coursera Offers a Free World-Class Education

Students across the world can now access online courses from five prestigious American universities (Stanford, Princeton, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Michigan) thanks to an interactive platform called Coursera. The site offers dozens of courses that run from 4-12 weeks in duration. The courses fall into the following categories: Humanities and …

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MIT’s Free Online Course Enrollment Begins Today

The power and knowledge that education brings to somebody is priceless. MIT is cutting the price for that priceless education down to its namesake – free. Bloomberg is reporting that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will begin offering a free online course today that anybody can take. Students around the world can take the class and upon completion will receive …

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