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Will Net Neutrality’s Death Hurt The Small Online Business?

On Tuesday, the D.C. District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Verizon in its fight against the FCC’s Open Internet Order. In other words, net neutrality was killed. It certainly was a blow to Internet freedom activists, but it may be even worse for small online businesses. So, what is net neutrality? Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu originally …

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Google Encourages Kentucky Businesses to Get Online

Google thrives as the web thrives, so the company is, understandably, encouraging all business owners to take get their businesses online. To that end, Google has created “Get Your Business Online with Google,” a website developed to help small business owners create a functioning website that will bring in customers. The site also holds events where business owners can get …

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Valentine’s Day Is Good For Online Businesses

Ah, Valentine’s Day – the day where we spend money on those we love the most. It turns out that we’re spending more and more on the ones we love which translates into big bucks for the businesses that promote the holiday. Today’s infographic, not to be confused with Saturday’s other Valentine’s Day themed infographic, comes from Monetate. They remind …

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