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eBay Launches “Activate Now” Feature To Help Vendors Save

The popular auction site of eBay is one of the world’s best-known auction sites where millions of people each day visit the site to browse and/or bid on various books, music, collectibles, antiques, and electronics. eBay is great for the person browsing the website, as well as for vendors who can electronically sell their products. With their website obtaining so …

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EBay Taps The Power Of Celebrity To Raise Money For Charity

eBay is teaming up with various celebrities to build a charity auction destination that harnesses the power of celeb culture and uses it for good. You can already see evidence of our fascination with celebrities by performing a quick eBay search. Whether it’s something basic like a guitar pick autographed by Eric Clapton or something a little more extreme like …

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eBay One Cent Auction Listings Today (August 30)

eBay announced that it is doing one cent auction-style listings for one day only – today. eBay Seller Experience Vice President Todd Lutwak says: On August 30, list Auction-style for just 1¢ Insertion Fees—even high-ticket items! This offer applies to listings on, eBay Motors Parts & Accessories and eBay Canada. Most categories are included—get complete details. This promotion applies to both eBay …

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BigDeal: Scam or Great Money-Saver?

With the holidays coming up, people are going to be looking for discounts, and they’re going to be doing so online. One site, which many are likely to come across is This is an online auction site, which the company describes as "social gaming meets e-commerce" or "Zynga meets eBay". It’s claimed about 40,000 customers since launching in November of last year, and its traffic is growing steadily. 

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eBay Launches “Bucks” Rewards Program in the U.S.

eBay has launched a rewards program called eBay Bucks, which is free and open to all U.S. eBay users. Consumers can get 2% back on most items purchased through eBay’s Marketplace with PayPal.

The program was previously available in beta, but now it’s widely available. Users will get reward certificates at the beginning of each calendar quarter for the amount of eBay Bucks accumulated in the previous quarter. You have 30 days to spend the eBay bucks. They will be automatically applied to purchases upon checkout.

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eBay Lets Buyers Filter Seller Feedback by Negative and Positive

eBay is giving users a new option for looking at feedback on sellers. They can now filter the feedback to look at just negative, positive or neutral. eBay’s announcement says:

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Consumers Can Now Get Billed Later for eBay Purchases

eBay and PayPal announced today that they are now offering Bill Me Later as a payment option during checkout. This means that "qualified" customers in the U.S. can now buy items and pay for them over time without using a credit card.

The option will be available for Buy It Now and approved auction purchases on eBay. It is also available at "tens of thousands" of online stores that accept PayPal Express Checkout.

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Bonanzle Standing Out Among eBay Competitors

Bonanzle has been around for a year now (out of beta). We’ve been watching it grow for the better part of this year at least. 

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Latest eBay Changes Go Over Better With Sellers

eBay upset a lot of its sellers over the last year and a half or so with various announcements and policy changes. Evidence of this is all over the web on message boards, blog comments, and social networks.

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eBay Unleashes Latest Changes for Sellers

Update: eBay is starting to test the badges. The company made the following announcement:

Over the next few weeks you may see a new seller badge appearing on some item pages and in search results. This badge is part of the new eBay Top-rated seller status announced last week and launching in October. Starting this week and over the next few weeks, we’ll be testing the badge in search results and item pages for a small percentage of eBay traffic.

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eBay Makes Changes to User Agreement

On Friday, eBay released a revised version of its user agreement. The changes deal with situations where a buyer has alleged receipt of a counterfeit item.

eBay Senior Counsel Scot Shipman discusses the changes in a company blog post. He says that under the changes:

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Can eBay Win Back Sellers with a Shift in Focus?

eBay recently announced it was returning to its roots as an auction site more focus on the "secondary market". This is probably a wise move as interest and enthusiasm for eBay have both steadily dwindled over the past year or so.

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eBay Testing New “Certified Sellers” Box

It looks like eBay may be considering a program for "certified sellers." Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes talks about one of her readers who wrote in and told her about a survey for eBay he participated in that showed a made up listing page for a digital camera. It looked something like this:

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You Better Get Comfortable with eBay’s New Search

eBay is 86ing its old search engine in favor of its newer one. Up until this point, users have been able to choose the one they prefer, but according to eBay the majority are using the new one, so you can kiss the old one goodbye.

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eBay Highlights Trusted Sellers (and Other Tidbits)

Matt Olson from eBayeBay recently announced a change to product pages for books, music, movies, and video games last week – a change that will likely give sellers yet another reason to complain.

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eBay Sells Out Seller on No Checks Policy

This ought to ruffle some feathers. An eBay seller forwarded an email they received from an eBay customer service rep. to Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes.

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Competing with eBay by Making People Matter

As discussed in this article from the other day, Bonanzle is a site that is emerging as a contender to compete with eBay, who as we all know has been driving a lot of sellers away for various reasons.

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Bonanzle Rising to eBay Competition

Nearly every time we post a story about eBay, we get flooded with comments going for the site’s throat. We’ve often pondered what kind of competition eBay has, many anti-eBayers will be quick to point to a site called Bonanzle.

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Why eBay Keeps Getting Shoppers

You can hardly talk about eBay without bringing out the disgust in all of the people who feel they have been wronged by the eCommerce giant. This group is comprised mostly of sellers who feel eBay has treated them with anything but respect, particularly since changing feedback policies in early 2008 (of course that’s not the only thing they don’t like. See my top ten list of seller frustrations).

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Top 10 Frustrations for eBay Sellers

eBayAt the beginning of the year, eBay announced some changes it was bringing in with its new CEO John Donahoe.

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eBay Getting More Serious About Advertising

eBay is moving to increase its advertising revenue. It is an area that has become increasingly profitable for the company, and increasing profitability has probably never been more important for eBay.

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Some Think Google Should Go After eBay

There is an interesting article at Seeking Alpha called "Why ‘GooBay’ Makes Sense." Obviously this is a "what if Google bought eBay?" piece, and feedback to the article thus far isn’t real keen on the idea, but there are some valid points throughout the article nevertheless.

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eBay and PayPal Explain Item Holds

Monroe Labouisse, the director of PayPal’s business on eBay in the US and Canada sat down with eBay’s chief Blogger Richard Brewer-Hay and sketched out this post explaining the policies behind eBay Item Holds.

An eBay Item Hold is when eBay asks PayPal to hold a payment in a seller’s PayPal account for up to 21 days. This occurs as a "buyer protection" when eBay believes the transaction is more likely than the average transaction to be fraudulent.

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eBay Raises the Limit on Guest Buying

eBayAuctionBytes is reporting that eBay has expanded its Guest Buying feature. People can buy items through eBay without being fully registered as a member. They have just increased the number of purchases a guest can make before having to become a full-fledged member.

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eBay Sellers Getting More Changes

eBay’s users aren’t the only ones down on the company. A Collins Stewart analyst has lowered it’s stock rating to "Sell," claiming that eBay will continue to lose market share to Amazon this year, and weaken in the advertising department.

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Unabomber Writings To Be Sold Online

Ted Kaczynski, more widely known as the Unabomber, got some bad news from a federal appeals court today: his writings are to be sold online.

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Woman Auctions Virginity Online

A 22-year-old woman is auctioning off her virginity on the Internet on in order to pay for her college education.

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eBay Lowers Sellers Fees For Fixed-Price Items

eBay is lowering its fees U.S. sellers on its site pay to list fixed-price items in an effort to attract new buyers and better compete with rivals like

Sellers will now pay a flat rate of 35 cents for a 30-day listed period, up from the previous seven-day standard. Sellers will be able to list multiple quantities of the same item for a single 35-cent listing fee.

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The Transaction of a “Lifetime”

eCommerce has come a long way over the years. You can buy or sell just about anything online.

You can buy DVDs, cars, digital music, real estate, and brides. You can sell televisions, cosmetics, hand-made crafts, and even your skin as ad-space. You can apparently even sell your entire life – in a manner of speaking anyway.

A 44-year-old man by the name of Ian Usher recently put his up on the auction block via eBay (the only way to go to unload your history).

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eBay Changes Feedback Policy For Sellers

Online auction site eBay has begun to introduce changes in the feedback that sellers can leave about buyers. The changes were first announced in January.

Sellers on eBay are no longer allowed to leave neutral or negative comments about buyers on the site. eBay has also changed the way it calculates a member’s positive feedback percentage score.

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eBay Sees Slow Down In ’08

eBay cautioned in its annual report that it will be challenging to win back former customers while also trying to attract new users to its properties.

The online auction site recently experienced its first major sellers revolt with customers boycotting the site after unpopular changes were made to fees and policies. At the end of the week long boycott eBay saw a 13 percent decrease in auctions

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