OneBox Articles

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Offer More Instant Results

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft sure do a good job of looking out for sports fans and film enthusiasts.  Although each company uses a different name for its feature, all three recently highlighted ways in which users can receive the latest information.

Google: “Get Your Cricket Scores Here”

It’s quite rare that Google makes a post in its UK “Press Centre,” and today, the company once again failed to write something.  I’m especially disappointed, however, because an announcement about a cricket OneBox seemed so well-suited to the site.

Google Gets Smart Clock

When sitting at your computer, you can probably check the time by glancing at your taskbar, your watch, or your cell phone; gaining one more option won’t exactly be a revolutionary experience.  This option’s provided by Google, however, and the feature can determine the time in many different places.

Israeli PM Gets The Google Bomb

Prime Minister Ehud Ohmert learned that the benevolence of Google can rapidly sour if one’s critics emulate their politically charged American counterparts and tag one’s name with a less-than-flattering phrase.

Gates Hopes To Beat Google At Its Own Game

At a speech on the Microsoft campus, Bill Gates gave an outline of how the company hopes to compete with-and even outdo-the reigning search champ Google. These and other companies are vying for contracts to install search systems at businesses. A key component of Gates’s plan to succeed is the omnipresent Windows software.

Google OneBox for Enterprise

Google’s upgrading their enterprise search solution to include advanced search capabilities, according to Reuters.

Google Extends OneBox To Enterprises

A new version of the Google Search Appliance includes the company’s OneBox functionality, which returns particular information requests atop the search results.