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Sweet Talking The Searcher In One Second Or Less

You have four seconds to get your site loaded and about one-twentieth of a second to impress the visitor before she flits on like an attention-deficient hummingbird. But before that, you have about one second, in the search results, to get her attention in the first place. And just like the tentative beginnings of most romances, it’s all about what you say, how you look, and where you live.

Microsoft BPM adds Decision Management

Some of you will no doubt have seen today’s announcement of a Business Process Alliance by Microsoft (their press release is here). Fair Isaac is one of the 10 companies in this alliance (see the Fair Isaac press release here). Interestingly a couple of BPM vendors are also in the 10, including one of Fair Isaac’s partners (Metastorm).

Personally I think this is interesting for several reasons:

Gord Interviews Marissa Mayer on Personalization

Below is the full transcript of the interview with Marissa Mayer on personalization of search results. For commentary, see the Just Behave column on Searchengineland.

Gord: It’s a little more than two weeks ago since Google made the announcement that personalization would become more of a default standard for more users on Google.  Why did you move towards making that call?

Large Networks Add New Editorial Content Formats

Many top destination sites are adding blogs and other publishing formats to their site to build their authority and market-share. This editorial content creates value, builds trust and authority, and allows for a more profitable blend of content and advertisements.

George Lucas Declares Trademark War On Digg
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There’s no balance in the Force with the Digg.com around, says LucasFilms, who has filed a trademark complaint against the social news site. Diggers haven’t been this torn since they walked out of The Phantom Menace and realized how much it sucked.

Search Engines Give Valentine’s Logos Love
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It’s Valentine’s Day, and three of the four big search engines have made varying efforts for your affections. The fourth one, well, let’s just say they need to sign up for a class with the Lovemaster.

Elusivity in Internet Marketing

The words “elusivity” (being difficult to describe, detect, or grasp) and “Internet Marketing” are not words I would typically join in a sentence (no one else in the world either). But after doing a tradeshow this last week for one of our companies I found there are many benefits to “elusivity” in marketing, and that these could certainly be applied to Internet Marketing.

Google Gives Romantic Multitaskers A Discount

Over half of US adults buy gifts for more than one Valentine, according to Google and Harris Interactive. And to honor that two-timing tradition, Google is giving a discount for using Google Checkout.

"But that other diamond necklace is for Mom," says the shifty-eyed lothario busily hitting the delete button on email confirmations.

Whatever you say, brudda. We'll just call it "multitasking."

Get 150 Marketing Blogs In One Go

Last month, Todd And published the Power 150, a listing of the top 150 marketing blogs in the US.

While some have criticized the list because of its US centricity – I can think of a good half dozen marketing blogs in Europe and Asia that ought to be in such a list – the Power 150 is a useful resource.

Google Australian Flyover Hits Snags

Google had announced that it would be flying over parts of Australia on Australia Day, last week Friday, in order to take photos for Google Earth and Google Maps (Microsoft was doing it, too). Australians were excites, with people planning to build giant signs and write words on the ground, or just wave at the sky, in order to live on for a while in Google’s maps of the country.

Form Post in Spry
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Last week or so I blogged about doing form postings with Spry.

Mobile Web – A Completely New Ball Game

Rich Skrenta feels that it’s time for the Winner To Take All. Google has won in what he calls the Third Age of Computing.

The Best Hacks on Flickr

One of the nice things about Flickr is that because of their open API a whole host of developers have built more and more interesting things to do with the site.

Bloggers Going To Libby Trial

The Media Bloggers Association will have two seats available to its members once the Scooter Libby trial begins in Washington after the Martin Luther King holiday.

One Alt Attribute at a Time

It’s so easy to forget the universe extends past our own elbows. I was trying to recall when I first became interested in website accessibility, and I can’t remember.

Google Voted “Most Popular Brand” In Britain

According to the Millward Brown research consultancy, Google is Britain’s most popular brand. And while that accomplishment in impressive enough its own right, the search engine company achieved it while spending remarkably little money on advertising.

Update – Super Proposal

About a month ago, I did a post about a fellow who is working to raise money and media attention in order to secure a sponsor for a marriage proposal during the Super Bowl, “One Super Proposal“.

Google Testing Drive-by Video Ads

As online video has evolved, the question of how to advertise and when to advertise has been burning. There are no experts in this realm, only testers, debating about post-roll or pre-roll ads, layered content, and how long an online video viewer would view a commercial. Google is latest to try it out, and they may have a winner.

Google Foes Shifting Tactics

Topix.net’s Rich Skrenta said that Google is the environment and not the competition in search; Yahoo, Ask, and Microsoft have been working to define a new environment where the top of the search results delivers what a person wants to know.

Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)

This post continues where this one, which gives a bit of background on VRM, leaves off.

Microsoft and Edelman Make Two Mistakes

I wasn’t going to share my thoughts on Microsoft sending out free laptops to some A-list bloggers.