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Local Guides Launches Beta

Local Matters yesterday announced the launch of their new site, LocalGuides.com, which mashes up Local + Social + Vertical content and utilities. The site is really strong with some compelling features, so I’ve kicked the tires and have a few technical comments.

When Viral Doesn’t Work
· 12

Paul Steinbrueck, CEO of OurChurch.com, was pretty jazzed about his AIDS Clickathon idea – like a walkathon, except people click and sponsors donate to a home for orphaned African children – and he thought it was the perfect basis for a viral Internet campaign. A short time and shorter amount of money later, Paul’s trying to understand what went wrong.

Joey Hops Around Mozilla Labs
· 2

A simpler way to store web content for later retrieval on a mobile device is in the works at the Mozilla Foundation.

Google’s Press Meeting (censorship)
There’s a lot of great reports coming from Google’s annual press and shareholder meeting, held yesterday at the Googleplex. To make it a little easier to digest, we’re going to break it down into three parts for you. Here’s part four, you can also read part one, part two and part three.

Bloggers Vs. Journalists

With the growing popularity of the blogosphere, many people believe it could be a threat for journalists. At the Web 2.0 Expo, WebPronews caught up with Tris Hussey of One by One Media to discuss the growth of this matter. The print media, newspapers primarily, may need to make adjustments to keep up with the current trends.

Sony’s YouTube Rival
It seems like everyone wants to own their own video sharing site – even Marketing Pilgrim has one! Now we learn that Sony is the latest company to lay down the gauntlet at the feet of Google’s YouTube video site.

Getting Google to Work with Opera
Last December, I posted about a user script for Opera that got several Google services to actually work in the wonderful Opera browser, and its a good time for an update. The script is new as of March 14, fixing Spreadsheets, Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, and Docs.

Do Search Marketers Need One More Ad Vendor?

I’m constantly asked which search engines a rookie paid search advertiser should work with. Obviously, everyone should take part in Google AdWords, because Google covers half or more of all searches. Most marketers should also look at Yahoo!, which handles about one-quarter of all searches—their Panama platform has made them an even more interesting choice for ad spending.

Ad-Tech: Notes on the Vibe

Despite the temptation to do some live blogging from the event yesterday, and the fact that I came away with notes on several sessions from the event – this is not another recap post. 

Googler Games Google; Cutts Goes Silent
· 43

A week after Google’s Matt Cutts set the SEO world ablaze by asking webmasters to report cases of link-buying, his area of the Googleplex is decidedly silent – and so is the media relations department regarding a double-dipping Google executive’s association with a questionable made-for-AdSense company.

No Thank You Sex, We’re Networking
· 6

When it comes to surfing the Internet, sex is getting licked by social networking and the ability to connect with people based on more than just hormonal urges.

A Paid Link Disclosure Solution

There is a big brouhaha over Matt Cutt’s recent postings (yes, 3 of them) about the disclosure of paid links (big one here, another here, and one more here).

There’s been a lot of postings about it, with a great summary here by GrayWolf at SEOclass.com, some here by GrayWolf at Wolf-Howl.com, more here from Todd Malicoat of StuntDubl.com, more here from Matt McGee of SmallBusinessSEM.com, and another here from Andy Beal of MarketingPilgrim.com.

MSNBC on SEO Tools
MSNBC has another feature on Internet marketing courtesy of Entrepreneur.com (we covered one on blogging last month). This week, they have a list of “Free SEO tools you should know about.”

Groundbreaking? Not really: this article is aimed toward SMBs trying to get started on their own SEO. The list is pretty thorough, though. Among the tools listed (in order of mention):

7 Reasons Google’s Paid Link Snitch Plan Sucks
· 101

Matt Cutts blogged that Google would like you, the average search engine user, to report on sites you feel are displaying links for cash. This created a firestorm of negative responses from the SEO, webmaster, and free speech crowd. Below, I put together what I feel are the top 7 reasons Google’s paid link snitch plan sucks. I linked to my inspirations (No payment requested!).

SES – Signs of a Chasm Crossing from NY

It was an incredibly packed week (and hotel) at SES NY. As you’ve probably noticed, I didn’t get a chance to do any blog posts while I was there. But the good news I had a chance to sort through my inbox and set aside some post worthy tidbits that I’ll try to catch up with in the next week, so I’ll try to make up for lost time.

Google Censors China Olympics Criticism

The motto of next year’s Olympic games in China is “one world, one dream.” Online, the world is actually split up into several countries, each with their own limited view, made possible through national censorship of the web.

Odden on SES NY Day 1

Here I am writing about the Search Engine Strategies conference in NYC and I’m in an airport in Minneapolis – go figure. Even though I’m not at the event physically, I’m certainly there in spirit. Here are the sessions during day one that I would be attending:

Why You Can’t Just “Destroy” Your Online Past
The latest Business Week article, “Web Attack“, looks at how you should monitor your web reputation and steps you can take to try and respond to negative reviews, blogs and forums, etc.

Reputation monitoring and management is a vital tactic for any company (or individual) interested in what the web has to say about them, but it’s important to know that “engaging” your critics does not mean using an automated process to squash them. You can’t hope to hire a firm to wipe out your past transgressions, if you’re not changing your habits and reaching out to those who challenge you.

That’s why it’s important to highlight this bold claim by ReputationDefender…

One Box Goes Gold At Google
· 4

Yet another advertising-related change has come to Google in the run-up to Search Engine Strategies 2007 New York: Google shifted the One Box background color from blue to yellow.

Google Introduces My Maps

Google introduced a new feature to Google Maps: My Maps. The My Maps tab can be found at the left-hand side, and allows you to quickly create your own placemarks with information (including photos) as well as your own lines and shapes to mark areas. You can then share these maps with others on the web through a special link.

SEO All-Stars Rank Top 10 Algorithm Factors
· 19

This isn’t reverse engineering, says SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin, who called a virtual quorum of the top 37 minds in the SEO business. It’s a list of 35 factors that make up, in Fishkin’s estimation, 90-95 percent of what Google’s algorithm is looking for when determining rankings.

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