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SES – TopRank Day 1 Wrap Up
If you see these smiling faces at SES, be sure to say hello!

Yahoo! Gets One Back on Google

These days, it’s not often that you hear anyone outdoing search giant Google on any playing field, but a recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report has seen Yahoo! take top honors in terms of customer satisfaction.

Google Asked by Facebook to Remove Leaked Code Blog

I guarantee that if you submit a DMCA request to Google–the one you use to request copyrighted material is removed–you won’t get the same rapid response Facebook just got.

Scholars Push For Search Engine Regulation
· 47

Here’s an idea sure to start some fires: Is it necessary to consider government regulation of search engines? Please hold your throwing-stones until the end of the presentation.

Well, At Least One FCC Commissioner Isn’t An Idiot

Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps isn’t happy about how the commission has handled a number of recent issues, and is speaking loudly about it. And if one is as disgruntled as much of the public is, then that might be a positive sign.

TradeDoubler Tosses $115 Million At IMW Group
· 2

While our American readers may not recognize the name, folks in Britain should know The Search Works (“the UK’s largest search engine marketing company”).  The Search Works, along with The Technology Works, is owned by The IMW Group, and thanks to a new acquisition, The IMW Group is now owned by TradeDoubler.

Yahoo, Capital One Release “Saving Zone”

I liked Capital One’s “barbarian” commercials, and for the foreseeable future, that’s what’ll come to mind whenever I think of the company.  But a new association has taken place, as well, because Yahoo and Capital One have teamed up to create the “Capital One Saving Zone.”

Cutts Pokes Fun At Keyword Stuffer
· 7

Crying about Google ignoring your keyword stuffed web pages just gives Matt Cutts and the rest of the SEO world something to gleefully mock.

Intel Joins One Laptop per Child

Intel said today they will be working with One Laptop per Child (OLPC) to bring technology to the developing world and that they will also be joining the board of OLPC.

Gord Interviews Jakob Nielsen

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Jakob Nielsen for a series I’m doing for Search Engine Land about what the search results page will look like in 2010.  Jakob is called a "controversial guru of Web design" in Wikipedia (Jakob gets his own shots in at Wikipedia in this interview) because of his strongly held views on the use of graphics and flash in web design.

Yahoo Heaped With Negative Vibes
· 2

Between Google and a seemingly endless slew of challengers like Facebook and MySpace, Yahoo could be grilled like a panini in the battle for display advertising dollars.

Unique Content Sources in Saturated Markets
Hamlet Batista commented on my last post that a problem with blogging is that many people look to the same sources for inspiration and information to blog about. Even in the most saturated markets there are a wide array of unique data sources. Here are some of my favorites: 

Price Of Competitor Keyword Data: One Subpoena

A revived squabble between two recreational flooring companies has resulted in Google being subpoenaed for some of its keyword purchase data. The full implications of the order are not yet known, but third parties are nervous about being pulled in, and others worry about competitive data being de facto purchased through the courts.

BBC Reporter Supports Social Media
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Some people see a distinct gap between bloggers and “real” journalists, but Ben Hammersley, who works for the BBC, may change their minds over the next two weeks; Hammersley intends to do his job using social media tools and sites.

MySpace Comedy Turns One

MySpace is celebrating the first anniversary of MySpace Comedy, a community for comedians to reach fans and share their talent.

Going to Kyte.tv

So, the Facebook app shipped today is Kyte.tv and I’ll be over there with Channel 4 KRON today at 2 p.m.

What Works On YouTube
· 4

An interesting article in Advertising Age focuses on a debate within the advertising industry about how to approach the new world of user-generated content for marketing purposes. And nobody’s seems all that sure about it.

TLE Highlights: The Irony of Social Computing

As I have just mentioned, this is a follow up weblog post from the previous one I have shared regarding some of the highlights from IBM‘s 2007 Technical Leadership Exchange event held in Paris last week.

Seven Good PPC Habits Has One Surprise
· 6

John Ellis’ list of the Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertisers includes one that runs counter to the promises made by many SEMs.

Another Digg Success Story

Tim Ferriss

Some People Will Click On Anything
· 10

Pose whatever theory you like as to why, but an AdWords experiment revealed that people will click on just about anything – even if the ad tells them their computer will be infected with a virus if they do.

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