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Yahoo Search’s Puzzling Post
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The Yahoo Search team has embraced the joys of cruciverbalism and combined the wisdom of crossword master Will Shortz with the new Yahoo feature, Search Assist.

3 Traits of Successful Blogs – Focus, Passion & Originality
Someone on LinkedIn just posed this question “How can one make Blogs more enjoyable or What is that you do to maintain the popularity/readership of your blog?“. Here are my thoughts on this, this may not be all that leads to a successful blog, but these are for me pretty essential ingredients: Focus, Passion, and Originality.

Facebook Plans To Double Size In One Year

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco that his company plans to double the number of employees it has over the next year.

Boosting Your Social Capital with Facebook

I am sure that over the course of the last few days most of you folks out there may have bumped into one article or another around the subject of the usefulness, or not, from Facebook.

Facebook: The Awkward Teenager

Kara Swisher, who writes for All Things D, had a couple of posts on Facebook recently that got me thinking again about the social-networking site. In the first one, Kara said that using Facebook often seems like “children’s hour,” because of all the goofy applications and widgets that your friends and acquaintances are constantly adding (and trying to get you to add as well).

Google Discusses Equality Following Lawsuit

Google may or may not be good with old people, but as news of an age discrimination lawsuit spreads, the search giant has made a new blog post to remind people about its other steps towards “corporate equality.”

Google Becoming Wikipedia Without the Talk Page
In a recent post about paid links, Danny Sullivan wrote about how Google’s army of engineers are going to start hand editing PageRank scores if they think you are selling links, which is a move that wreaks of desperation.

Calacanis: Web 3.0 is Whatever I Say it is

Humpty Dumpty: “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”

Alice: “The question is, whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

YouTube, Google Checkout Cater To Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have, like everyone else, always been able to use YouTube for free.  But a new arrangement will give them more exposure and an innovative way to get funds.

Apple’s PR Nightmare

Tons of people on Twitter are reporting problems with their iPhones. Including my son. Including Jeff Clavier.

MyBlogLog – Still Relevant?

Late last week MyBlogLog updated their sign in process to require you to use your Yahoo ID when logging into the system. What surprised me most about the change was how it seemingly went unnoticed or unreported in the SEO community. I’m curious if you still use MyBlogLog and how relevant you think it is as a social site?

Teens Not Loyal To One Social Network

If a social network user is dedicated enough to use two social networks concurrently, it might not be all that surprising that those same networkers spend, on average, more time at both sites. Networkers are networkers after all.

Yahoo IDs Get Rough Start At MyBlogLog
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About nine months have passed since Yahoo acquired MyBlogLog, and, starting a few days ago, MyBlogLog introduced support for Yahoo IDs.  The companies might have done better to hold off for even longer, though, as the process was pretty rough.

Rumor: Google’s Gmail Getting New Features?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend. The other one is here.

Rumor: Google Planning Second Life Rival?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend–the other one is here.

Apparently Arizona State University sent out invitations to students that mention a super-secret, sign-an-NDA-or-else, social networking project.

TravBuddy Gets One Million Members

It would be somewhat ironic if the social network named “TravBuddy” became one of the Web’s many empty, unpopular places.  Fortunately for TravBuddy, that’s not the case – the site is now celebrating its one millionth member.

DOJ Likes Packet Sniffing, Votes For AT&T
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Your first thought may be: What’s the Department of Justice got to do with Net Neutrality? Well, essentially nothing at this point, except that the FCC asked the Antitrust Division for its opinion. The Commission could have saved some time by just jotting down what AT&T said.

Google Website Optimizer Gets Updated

Google Website Optimizer, now nearly one year old, has received its first update, according to the Official Google Analytics blog. Ooh, pretty pretty data!

The major improvements to the optimizer include:

It’s YouTube And MeTube, But Not ThemTube
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The problem with open societies, free speech, and Web 2.0 is that any ol’ jerk can believe and say anything they want. That you’d rather they didn’t is kind of your problem. But it’s a bigger problem for larger entities like YouTube and Google who provide the platform, or, since Microsoft’s not using it, the soapbox for the jerks to stand upon.


Dr. Ralph Wilson–yes, the legend–was at SES San Jose (not sure how I missed him) roving around with a microphone and video camera.

Aside from some interesting interviewsincluding this one with Cat Seda–he managed to get attendees to describe Google’s mating call.

SES – Issues In Analytics

In this final day session, search engine experts discussed on important issues related to Analytics.

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