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Taco Bell Tweets New Delicious-Looking Abomination, A Cap’n Crunch Berries Donut Hole Filled with Icing

When Taco Bell first announced plans to create a taco with a Doritos shell, everyone was like yeah that’s gonna kick ass. And when Taco Bell announced plans to do breakfast and make a waffle taco, everyone was like yeah that’s kind of weird but I’ll eat it. Now, Taco Bell is tweeting out a teaser of its newest test …

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Florida out Floridas Itself with a Craigslist Meet-up Turned Botched Kidnapping at a Walmart

Before we get in to one of the most Florida stories in the history of both Florida and stories, let’s all go ahead and take a deep breath – this story involves Craigslist, attempted kidnapping, guns, Walmart, parking lot rage, and of course, Florida. Two men are facing charges of aggravated assault, robbery, and attempted kidnapping after they tried – …

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