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Miss An Olympic Moment? Yahoo To The Rescue
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The time difference between China and America, plus the vagaries of NBC’s scheduling, may leave people missing something at the Summer Olympics.

Online Olympic Traffic Favoring Yahoo Over NBC
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Numbers reflecting traffic to NBC’s Olympics-related sites have been released, and despite protests about Tibet and time delays, they’re looking rather impressive.  The one problem, as far as NBC’s concerned: Yahoo’s numbers appear to be even better.

Bloggers Take Aim At Olympic Fakery
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Bloggers are expressing their anger today after it was revealed that China decided at the Olympic opening ceremony to have a cute little girl lip-synching for the real singer who had crooked teeth.

Google’s Olympic Extravaganza

Today is the day of the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony. Already, Google launched multiple special sites and services for the Olympics. Thanks to everyone providing pointers for this!

Google’s main Olympics site

Social Media’s Role In The 2008 Olympics

beijing2008logo The opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing gets underway at midday GMT today, an event that will be broadcast live on television across the world.

During the next two weeks, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid seeing and hearing about the Olympic Games whenever you turn on the TV or radio or pick up a newspaper at the newsstand.

The Secret Of #080808 And The Beijing Olympics

Anyone who has been to enough events with social media creators knows that it is inevitable that people will find a way to connect and find one another. To a degree, Twitter first caught on from this need a year and a half ago at SXSW in 2007. I have witnessed it over and over, through examples like attendees of four conferences finding one another to share an evening of Korean BBQ in NYC a few months ago, or finding someone to hang out with as you are travelling to a foreign city for business.

Google Leaps Into Olympic Content Race
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Google’s not in its usual place ahead of the pack; you could almost compare the search giant to a runner who somehow got his feet stuck in the starting blocks.  But, following Yahoo and Microsoft, Google’s finally unveiled some things related to the Summer Games.

Microsoft Live Search Unveils Impressive Olympic Features
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A picture of an ice cave is currently displayed on the Live Search homepage, but Microsoft’s users aren’t being left in the cold when it comes to Olympic-related information.  Several special features have already launched, and even more are on the way.

The most immediately noticeable thing may be the disappearance of said ice cave.  In an email to WebProNews, a Microsoft spokesman wrote, "The Live.com Homepage will rotate Olympics images in the background for the duration of the games."

Getting Olympic Content On Your Blog
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I just landed in Beijing and will be spending the next two weeks here as part of the promotional efforts for what I have previously called my dream project, helping Lenovo to promote its Voices of the Summer Games site that features 100 Olympic athletes blogging their journies to Beijing and experiences at the Olympics.

Yahoo Offers Olympic Search Shortcuts
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As the Olympics get going, we couch potatoes can only hope that tracking the events is easier than participating in them.  Yahoo’s trying to do its part by introducing Olympic-themed search shortcuts.

Curious about the overall medal count?  Search for "Olympics medal count," and, as things stand right now, you’ll see that Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, and a few other countries are tied with zero.

DoubleClick Cleared For Silverlight Landing
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All that rivalry between Google and Microsoft is just business, of course, and so is the arrangement for DoubleClick to provide video ads across Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 video player.

DoubleClick’s partnership with NBC Universal probably made for a nice wedge, though.

Ads will be served alongside 2,500 hours of NBC’s Olympic coverage played within Silverlight 2, served up by DoubleClick’s In-Stream technology. In-Stream adds Silverlight 2 to already-supported formats like Flash, Real Player, and Windows Media

YouTube To Get Some Olympic Content

Thanks to the International Olympic Committee and YouTube, sports fans in Botswana, Cambodia, and Mongolia – along with 74 other territories – are set to have a better-than-expected August.  The two organizations have paired to air clips of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Google Releases Olympic Satellite Imagery
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Starting one week from now, all eyes will be on Beijing.  Yet if you can’t wait for coverage to become inescapable – or want a different view than the ones most reporters can provide – Google Maps and Google Earth have been updated with fresh pictures of China.

Olympics Rings Up China Censorship Deal
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Internet access for reporters covering the Summer Olympics in China suffers the usual blocking instead of the open surfing the press expected to find; they can thank Olympic Committee members for this.

China To Spy On Hotel Guests’ Internet Activity During Olympics
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U.S. Senator Sam Brownback is criticizing the Chinese government for its plans to spy on hotel guests’ Internet activity during the Olympics.

China is forcing foreign-owned hotels to install monitoring equipment on their network to allow the Chinese Public Security Bureau to access electronic information of people staying in these hotels.

China Cracking Down On Online Dissidents
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Chinese police have arrested a well-known online dissident for violating his terms of probation, as the country seeks to crackdown on critics in the run up to the Olympic Games.

Du Daobin, from the central province of Hebei, received a suspended sentence for what the Chinese government says was subversion in 2004 and was detained by police for posting online essays in support of another dissident.

NBC Selling Online Olympic Ads At Solid Pace
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At least a few serious sports fans are probably ready and waiting to start watching the Olympics online.  And a new report indicates that NBC is mostly prepared to bombard them with commercials before and during events.

Yahoo Launches Olympic-Themed Everything

Whether you’re seeking in-depth reports or still aren’t sure when the Summer Games begin, Yahoo’s got you covered.  New websites and tools offer an almost overwhelming amount of information relating to the 2008 Olympics.

Google Offers Overviews Of Olympic Torch Relay
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To some people, the Summer Olympics are little more than a nuisance – their television viewing schedules get messed up, don’tcha know.  But those who really enjoy the Games may be glad for the chance to watch the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Global Olympic Blog Project

 This past week in the string of posts about the book coming out, I’ve been stockpiling ideas for "real" blog posts and wanting to write about them more and more. Thankfully now that I launched the Personality Matters blog, I will post most of the updates about the book there and refocus on marketing strategy and insights here. I can’t promise I won’t share the occasional post about the book …

China Says It Won’t Censor Web For Games

The Internet will not be censored at the Beijing Olympic Games and there will be no delays of the television signal the International Olympic Committee said today.

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