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London 2012 Soccer Google Doodle is a PK Simulator

Google has unleashed yet another time-wasting Olympic Google doodle upon web browsers everywhere. While Google has created a different Google doodle for each day of the London 2012 Olympics, the past few days have featured an easy to learn, yet difficult to master mini-game based on an Olympic sport. Yesterday’s doodle saw players navigating rapids in a slalom canoe. Today’s …

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Alex Morgan: Twitter Reacts To Soccer Sweetheart

Alex Morgan may have just made her way to the top of the Olympics’ Most Loved Women list with her superb overtime play last night, and Twitter is buzzing about it. Morgan, who hasn’t been playing as well as expected during the games, blew fans away with a kick that went soaring over Canadian goalie Erin McLeod’s head, earning the …

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