Oil Articles

Oil Prices Ease After 16 Week High

Oil prices eased a bit after reaching 16-week highs with OPEC saying it would not cut production.

Oil Prices Up with OPEC Anxiety

Fears that OPEC might cut production outweighed strong inventories in the U.S. causing oil prices to rise.

Oil Prices Rise With OPEC Forecast

Oil prices went up as a result of OPEC’s prediction of rising global demand, though analysts believe that the present range will remain for a little while.

Oil Demand To Increase Quicker Than Expected

OPEC says that demand for oil will go up quicker than expected in 2005, with the economy in China not showing many signs of declining.

Oil Prices On the Rise

Oil prices are on the way up after OPEC made signals of a possible cut in production.

Oil Production Not Meeting Demand

Oil prices rose again after a report from the IEA predicting a big growth in world energy demand.

Oil Demand Grows Quicker Than Expected

The International Energy Agency says that demand for oil is increasing quicker than expected, and supply from Russia is slowing down.

Mild Weather Increases U.S. Oil Inventories

Oil prices have reached their lowest in a month at $45 thanks to mild weather increasing U.S. inventories.

Oil Prices Reach Lowest in a Month

Oil prices have reached their lowest in a month at $45 per barrel on international markets.

Mild Weather Leads to Lower Oil Prices

With milder weather in the U.S. decreasing demand, oil prices fell to nearly their lowest in four weeks.

Oil Back on the Rise

After three days of falling, oil prices started to rise again with the possibility that OPEC may make more production cuts.

Oil Prices Fall For Third Straight Day

Oil prices fell for the third day straight after last week’s jump in U.S. gasoline supplies, and milder weather being forecast.

Shell Slices Oil Reserves Again

Shell announced another big cut in oil reserves, but also announced record profits and it will pay out $10 billion in dividends.

Oil Prices Cool Down

With warmer weather, successful Iraqi elections, and OPEC’s decision not to cut output, oil prices went down.

Oil Prices Lowest in Nearly 3 Weeks

Ater successful elections in Iraq and OPEC deciding not to change production targets, oil prices fell to their lowest in nearly 3 weeks.

U.S. Oil Companies Back in Libya

Occidental Petroleum says that it will resume operations in Libya after 19 years now that it has been given 9 exploration blocks there.

Blaster Teen Blasted

Jeffrey Lee Parson, the heavy set 19 year old virus creator responsible for wrecking havoc on computers around the world is being blasted by blog writers and others.

OPEC To Keep Oil Prices High

OPEC voted not to increase oil production, thus virtually ensuring that oil prices will remain at historic highs.

Speculation About OPEC Meeting Lowers Oil Prices

Oil prices went down over $1.50 per barrel based on speculation that OPEC will not be postponing production cuts.

Oil Prices Fall But Not Too Far

Oil prices went down after an 8 week high with warmer weather being forecast in the northeastern U.S.

Oil Remains Steady as OPEC Meeting Nears

With upcoming Iraqi elections and the big OPEC meeting not too far off, oil prices remain steady.