Oil Articles

Oil Prices Down, Supply Worries Eased

Oil prices went down with OPEC suspending talks about an output increase calming worries about supplies.

Oil Prices Down As Well As Supply and Demand Concerns

Oil prices have gone down with concern with peak global consumption supply and demand conerns fading.

Traders Downplay Impact of Explosion After Oil Prices Go Up

An explosion at BP Plc’s Texas City refinery led to a sharp increase in gas and oil prices.

Oil Back Up One Day After Year’s Largest Decline

An explosion at BP Plc’s Texas City refinery sent oil prices back up only a day after their biggest decline of the year.

Oil Falls on Interest Rate Concerns

Oil prices fell for the second day in a row reaching their lowest in a week on worries about U.S. interest rates.

Oil Prices Drop As OPEC Speaks Of Production Increase

Talk of increased production from OPEC has had a roller-coaster effect on oil prices recently. Yesterday, when talk of the increase was introduced, oil prices increased. Today, however, has seen the opposite occur.

Oil Prices Soar Above $57 A Barrel

Skepticism concerning OPEC and their ability to increase daily oil output is causing oil prices to continue their price increase per barrel.

Oil Prices Steady After Hitting Record Highs

After hitting record highs, oil prices remained steady over $1 lower around $56 on profit-taking.

Oil Prices At Record Highs

Oil prices reached a record $57.50 a barrel with traders worried taht that OPEC’s production increase won’t live up to demand.

Oil Up with OPEC Disagreements

With OPEC members not being able to agree on their need to raise production, oil prices have gone up again.

Oil Back Over $54

Oil prices are back over $54 after faster growth of global demand was estimated by the International Energy Agency.

Oil Prices Drop to Under $53

Oil prices dropped to under $53 a barrel after nearly reaching record highs earlier in the week.

Oil Prices Down After Nearing Record Highs

Oil prices went down for the first time this week after nearly hitting record highs yesterday.

Oil Remains Near $55

Oil prices remained around $55 a barrel, resulting from a number of factors such as a weak dollar, cold weather and anxiety over next week’s OPEC meeting.

Oil Falls But Remains Above $53

Oil prices fell but remained above $53 a barrel after conflicting statements from members of OPEC.

Chavez Seeks Oil Deal with India

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez wants to make a long term oil-supply deal with India.

Oil Prices At $53 For Second Day

Oil prices remained around $53 a barrel for a second day amid speculation that an increasing demand will lower supplies.

Oil Rises Above $52

After a report showed that U.S. refineries operated at their lowest rate since October, Oil prices went above $52 a barrel.

Oil Prices Fall With the Temperature

Oil prices went down but stayed around $51 a barrel with cold weather in the U.S. increasing heating oil consumption.

Oil Prices Remain Near $51

Oil prices stayed around $51 a barrel even with warnings that economic growth will possibly be hurt by rising fuel costs.

Oil Prices Stay Above $51 A Barrel

Oil Prices stayed above $51 a barrel while traders remained anxious about OPEC and cold weather.