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Oil Mislabeled in Canadian Train Disaster

Earlier this year, a freight train carrying North Dakota crude oil derailed and exploded in Canada. Now it seems the oil was mislabeled as a less dangerous type of crude oil, according to Canadian Transportation Safety Board (TSB) officials. The disaster, which happened in Lac-Megantic, Quebec in July, killed 47 people. The deaths were a result of the train derailing, …

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Petrobras Discovered as Target of NSA Spying

Globo, Brazil’s largest television network, has reported on its show “Fantastico” that according to the NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the US has been spying on Brazil’s state-run oil firm, Petrobras. Glenn Greenwald, a US journalist who has intimate ties with Edward Snowden, assisted Globo with their report on the situation. According to the documents, Petrobras has not been …

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Al-Qaeda Plot to Bomb Yemeni Industries Foiled

The country of Yemen has foiled a plot by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (also known as Ansar al-Sharia). The plot comes in the wake of warnings from al Qaeda that would impact travelling Americans, as well as the shutting down of many American embassies in Africa and the Middle East. Considered the most active and dangerous cell in …

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Analysts are expecting gas prices to rise

If you are going to be traveling, especially this weekend, you can plan on seeing gas prices at the pump ranging anywhere from 10 to 20 cents more per gallon. With this being a peak time for travel in the U.S., the rise in gas prices could have an impact on what people are planning on doing when it comes …

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Oil Prices Rise By $2, Egyptian Unrest Partially To Blame

Oil prices are volatile as always. The situation in Egypt isn’t making things easier as the violence in the country is causing the price to go up. Reuters reports that oil prices jumped by $2 on Friday – the biggest weekly gain in a year. One of the big reasons for the price increase has been the recent unrest in …

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China, Iraq Oil Partnership Has Donald Trump Fuming

When the United States sent troops into Iraq ten years ago with the intent of toppling Saddam Hussein’s government, many questioned whether the Bush administration was really seeking to liberate Iraq’s oppressed people, or to liberate the country’s vast oil reserves. In the decade since the invasion, Iraq has seen a massive oil boom, becoming one of the world’s top …

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NASA Develops a 3-D Imaging Radar For Oil Spills

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) researchers have developed a method of using a specialized 3-D imaging radar to “characterize” the oil in oil spills. This represents the first time it has been demonstrated that such a radar system can be used to distinguish thin films, such as oil sheen, from from thick oil emulsions. The technique was developed in part …

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Anonymous Targets Oil Companies in #OpSaveTheArctic

Anonymous has been really busy the past few weeks with operations ranging from stopping Internet laws in Japan to exposing Internet pedophiles in #OpPedoChat. Their latest operation has them going against large corporations with a massive dump of email addresses with the correlating hashed passwords. The operation this time is #OpSaveTheArctic, an operation carried out in support of Greenpeace’s Save …

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