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Online Research Influences Offline Sales

Online browsing and research will increase offline retail sales by 12 percent over the next five years according to JupiterResearch. In their new report, “U.S. Online Retail Forecast, 2006-2011″ growth of offline sales will reach 40 percent of total U.S. retail sales.

Google’s Ad Serving Plan: Closing in on Offline

Two recent patents indicate that Google is taking significant steps to finding more places to put search, navigation, and ads.

Online Marketing For Offline Buying

Around 60 percent of purchases that begin with online research end at a local store offline. That’s mainly because the Internet has yet to let you to try something on or really see the TV picture quality. Add that to lack of local businesses fully utilizing the power of local search and directories, and you have the basis for a whole new business model.

Offline Sales, Online Ads, Offline Tracking

As Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft ramp up the battle for local search dollars, retailers new to the online world need to track the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns.

Raising Awareness Through Social Media

Global relief agency Oxfam brings us an interesting case study on social media relations’ ability to raise awareness.

Ups and Downs with Offline Blog Editors

Upward movement with new beta versions of a couple of offline blog editors I’m trying out:

New ecto for Windows looks good
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The first post with the second beta of the forthcoming ecto for Windows version 2 offline blog editor.

Sixty Three Percent of Searchers Buy Offline

comScore and Google have released a new study – “The Role of Search in Consumer Buying” – which examined holiday related purchases to see which completed online and which offline.

Another Offline Editor: BlogDesk

Following my earlier post about RocketPost, I’ve just found out about another offline blog editor for Windows – BlogDesk:

DOJ May One Day Try to Break Up Google

In chapter eight John Battelle’s incredible book, The Search, he astutely predicted that Google would increasingly fall under the watchful eye of the US government.

Filling the Market Gap for Offline Blog Editors

Some readers of this blog have left some great comments to my post last week about offline blog editors.

More Choices With Offline Blog Editors

I use an offline editor to write nearly all my blog posts. This means I’m not dependent on a network connection nor the vagaries of the internet between my PC and the hosting service (TypePad for this blog), or even my own server where I have my WordPress blog.

Offline Efficiency in an Online World

Blackberries and cell phones, email and the World Wide Web, or even computers themselves can actually hamper your productivity.

Blog and Website Visitor Traffic: Finding Offline Sources

Everyone wants more website blog visitor traffic. You have probably already tried many ideas for gaining new readers through internet promotions …

Syndicating Your Blog in Offline Media

A journalist yesterday asked me if anyone had ever asked to syndicate any of my blogs in any other form of media (newspapers or magazines). I answered that I’ve had a few requests from online media outlets to syndicate some of what I write (which I have allowed in some cases and disallowed in others).

Killer Online Marketing Strategy Goes Offline

One of the greatest ways to generate new marketing strategies is to look for new ways to apply proven techniques.

Lycos Attacked By Their Own Screensaver

In a move that surprises no one, the screensaver that Lycos created to target spammers has been used to target Lycos. The screensaver was designed to launch a DOS attack against sites that are known for their spamming techniques.

5 Simple Offline Promotions To Guarantee More Traffic To Your Website

I’ve worked with many small businesses, and countless owners think of Internet marketing as a separate entity from their traditional marketing methods. Instead of working them together, they literally separate the two in to two functions.

How To Effectively Use Offline Advertising To Build Your Online Business
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First of all let me say that having spent the past 20 years working closely with small businesses I know exactly what works when it comes to offline advertising.

Don’t Discount Offline Business Opportunities

So many people automatically think of Internet businesses first now days. Why? Because they’re relatively cheap and quick to set up. What many don’t seem to realize though, is that are still some golden opportunities in the offline world too. One such business can be started for less than $50, and can start earning you cash from the first day.

Skyrocketing Your Profits with Offline Promos

Way back in 1997 or so, when marketing products online was still in its infancy, a few wise pioneers said things like “Sell online what is already being purchased offline and you will make a mint.”