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Tim Tebow Jets Trade Official; Tebowmania To Hit New York

After lengthy negotiations, the New York Jets have officially named Tim Tebow their newest quarterback, amid a flurry of rumors and loud opinions as to whether or not Tebow will be a good fit for the team. Tebow will be backing up current Jets QB Mark Sanchez, who recently signed a 3-year renewal contract with New York. The acquisition comes …

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Firefox 4 Official Release – Was It Worth The Wait?

While Firefox 4 could be obtained yesterday, today marks the official release of the Firefox 4 (RC) download. For those who are keen towards browser advancements, these past couple of weeks must feel like heaven. We’ve taken a couple of steps towards the implementation of HTML 5 with the release of Google Chrome 10, Internet Explorer 9, and Firefox 4. …

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Twitter Looking To Make ‘Retweets’ Official

If you’re a new Twitter user, you’ve probably stumbled over the correct etiquette for "retweeting" someone else’s tweet. Do you use "RT: @andybeal…." or "Retweeting @andybeal….."? And what about those precious characters lost when you retweet? We only get 140 to start with!

Well, Twitter has watched the practice of retweeting closely and thinks it has an official solution. The question is, will you like it?

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