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Facebook’s New Frank Gehry-Designed Office Opens Up – and Here’s What It Looks Like

In September of 2013, Facebook broke ground on its giant new campus – the one designed by Frank Gehry. The new 433,555 sq. ft. building is expected to be filled with some 2,800 Facebook employees. It also features a giant rooftop space – a park and a garden, complete with a bunch of solar panels. Well, Facebook just moved in. …

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Facebook Building New Engineering Team In London

If you’re anywhere near London (or have the inclination to make a move) and fancy yourself a talented engineer, you could land a job with Facebook. That’s because the company has just announced that they are hiring a new engineering team to be based in London. From a note on the Facebook Engineering page: London is a perfect fit for …

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Steve Jobs Presents Apple’s New HQ to Cupertino City Council

Apple wants to centralize its campus and focus more on landscaping. That’s the message that came out of Steve Jobs’ presentation to the Cupertino City Council Tuesday evening. They propose to do this by building a massive office building that would expand the capacity of their centralized campus by over 400%. Apple’s original office park, according to Jobs, only houses …

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