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LAPD Officer Killed In Horrific Hit-And-Run

A Los Angeles police officer was killed on Saturday following a violent hit-and-run accident. LAPD Officer Roberto Sanchez died of injuries sustained when the patrol car he was driving was blindsided by an SUV. The surviving officer, whose name was …

BART Officer Shooting – Cop Killed By Partner
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BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Sgt. Tom Smith was shot and killed Tuesday by a fellow officer as law enforcement searched a suspect’s Dublin, Calif. home for a laptop and other stolen items, police said Wednesday. Smith and other officers …

Tupelo Shooting: Officer Killed During Bank Robbery
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On Monday, the day before Christmas Eve, Police Sergeant Gale Stauffer was shot and killed by an assault rifle, and another officer was seriously wounded. It happened when officers interrupted a robbery at BanCorp South’s Gloster Creek Village branch as …