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Facebook’s London Audience Increases

New York’s network on Facebook is impressive, but not the biggest out there – both Vancouver and Toronto have it beat.  London’s the dominant location, however, and a Facebook employee made note of this fact over the weekend.

Microsoft Office or Google Apps?
· 8

Google’s recent deal with IT outsourcer Capgemini makes Google Apps available through the consultant to its client companies. What are those companies really getting for their $50 annual license?

Google, CapGemini Deal Panics Microsoft
· 2

Microsoft responded to news of Google’s arrangement with CapGemini to place Google Apps on desktops with a ten-point list of questions companies should consider if they think of switching.

Google Turns up Heat on Office

Not that long ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt would routinely deny that the company had any intention of using its Gmail, Google Docs and other services to compete directly with Microsoft’s Office suite. “We’re just playing around with some Web stuff,” he seemed to be saying. “Nothing important to see over here.”

Google Ready To Seduce Corporate World

The company’s Google Apps collection of productivity software will be the thin end of the wedge Google hopes to drive between corporations and their long-time love of Microsoft Office.

Zoho Offering Could Challenge Google Apps

It’s only in private beta at the moment, but some day, Zoho Apps may try to stand up to Google itself.  Google Apps, anyway, and like that bundle, Zoho Apps will offer a number of “productivity applications and services.”

Wikipedia Stats Support Ron Paul
· 5

If Wikipedia’s users get to determine the next president, it seems like we’ll be seeing Ron Paul in the White House; according to an analysis of four different factors, the Republican candidate is popular in just about every way.

Google Wiki May Arrive Today

The start of the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco could be the fashionable choice for Google to unveil the product formerly known as Jotspot in its Google-icious form.

Microsoft Offering Ads On MSN And Ask
· 1

Participants in the Microsoft Office Live adManager Beta can fire up their search campaigns by purchasing ads for display on MSN and Live Search, and on Ask Sponsored Listings.

YouTube Videos Reveal Anti-American Outsourcing
· 4

A law firm that thought it was demonstrating its cleverness in posting videos of its conference on business immigration instead showed how they cynically stack the deck against American job seekers for their clients.

Zenter Slides Into Google

The search advertising company has acquired Zenter, a company with technology that permits the creation of online slide presentations.

Going to Kyte.tv

So, the Facebook app shipped today is Kyte.tv and I’ll be over there with Channel 4 KRON today at 2 p.m.

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Beta Released
With Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Beta, you can use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages and contacts for free!

Google Opens Office In Cairo

Google’s focusing a lot on some international markets as of late, including China, South Korea, and India.  But those countries are grouped together in Asia, and this latest expansion comes in the Middle East; Google opened a regional office in Cairo.

Microsoft Office Live Teams with Website Pros
Microsoft Office Live is teaming up with Website Pros, a provider of website building tools, internet marketing, and lead generation solutions, to offer web site design and search engine marketing services. Microsoft Office Live is attempting to make it easier for small business to get online by offering them new “Do-It-for-Me Services”.

Not only will they provide easy and affordable do-it-yourself tools, Microsoft Office Live will add “do-it-for-me” help as well.

Microsoft Wants To Do It For You

Microsoft plans to offer a deal to its Office Live customers that will provide site design and search marketing services to those clients.

Attorney General Shows Interest In Copyright Law

I have to wonder if Alberto Gonzales has been watching “Wag the Dog”; the attorney general lacks the power to start a military conflict, but he has put forth a proposal that attacks various forms of copyright infringement.  Some onlookers see this as little more than an attempt to divert attention from Gonzales’s own problems.

Activists YouTube Wolfowitz Into “The Office”

Phil de Vellis created the now-famous ‘Hilary 1984′ video that exploded across YouTube and hordes of other sites; he’s at it again, helping an activist group cast World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz in a video as the less than brilliant leader of Dunder Mifflin.

Google Drinks Tonic, Readies Presentations

Google added another piece to their Frankenstein-ish productivity suite by acquiring Tonic Systems for its technology, which will allow Google to add a PowerPoint competitor to its Docs & Spreadsheets product.

Microsoftie Hammers MS Critics And Google
· 1

Darren Strange is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore; Microsoft needs to stand up to its critics, he thinks.

Job Openings at Google NYC Office

If you’re looking for a job in or around NYC you might want to visit the Google’s job openings page. With the opening of their new office in Manhattan, it’s no wonder that they now have 191 job positions to fill.

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