Odeo Articles

2 New Features from Compete

Compete (of Compete Inc) is set to release 2 new reporting additions to their competitive analysis tools suite. Known as "Attention" and "Velocity" these features will be free of cost to all users.

Odeo Purchased Back by Founder

The development, launch, growth and (minor) failure of Odeo, is a strange story. When the company, founded by Blogger co-founder Evan Williams, launched back in February of 2005, it raised $5 million in VC, but never really raised our attention.

Obvious Corp. Buying Odeo

Evan Williams and other Odeo employees buying control of Odeo back from their VCs is definitely an interesting piece of news because it’s not that common, and it says something interesting about what some companies are experiencing right now.

Odeo Releases Twttr Group Text Messaging

Michael Arrington has news of a new service from Odeo called Twttr which allows users to send group text messages to cell phones.

Record Audio at Odeo

Odeo, the podcasting service and directory launched last July, now offers a recording capability where you can record a commentary about a podcast:

Listening To Yahoo

On Wednesday, Sept. 14th, the kids in Sunnyvale put together the first “Silicon Valley Search SIG” called “Audio Search: Selling Picks & Shovels at the Podcast Gold Rush.” The event took place on at Yahoo’s HQ and was hosted by the SD Forum.

Trying Out Odeo

So, I got my invite to Odeo, Evan Williams’ podcasting service. Thus far, I’m not sure what to do with it.

Seth Godin, Keep Thinking About Podcasting

Of all the people I would actually *like* to see pickup podcasting, Seth Godin’s on my short list.

O-de-o, oh oh. Odeo To Simplify Podcasting

Available for public testing next month, Evan Williams and Noah Glass will debut Odeo, hoping to cash in on the podcasting phenomenon by making it easier, from creation to publication to making money from them.